How Do I Contact Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)?

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX): A Comprehensive Guide to Contact LAX Customer Service

LAX Airport is a profound international airport that serves the city of Los Angeles. It is based in California and is a hub for many major airlines. A person choosing to fly domestically or internationally from the LAX Airport can look for the flight options with them. Before making your plans, acquiring some important details about the airport and approachable ways to contact Los Angeles Lax Airport customer service is also a must. In the following article, you will learn about various details of the airport and its customer service. 

Los Angeles LAX Airport Customer Service: LAX Contact Information

The LAX Airport customer service is always available to support passengers with their queries. The officials can guide you with flight schedule inquiries, flight status, check-in timings, airport parking, additional services, and many more. 

Here some LAX phone number are listed that you can pick to call as per your requirement:

  • Help Desk: (855) 463-5252
  • Telecommunication Relay Service: (800) 735-2929
  • Construction Hotline: (310) 649- (5292)
  • LAX Public Relations: 424-646-5260 
  • Economy Lot E: (310) 893-4676
  • LAX Shuttle Buses: (424) 273-7266

Postal address of LAX Airport

The individuals can consider posting their concerns to the customer service team instead of calling the Los Angeles airport phone number. It is ideal only when the concern is not urgent, and you can wait for a few days to receive the response. The postal address of LAX Airport is: 

Los Angeles International Airport

1 World Way

Los Angeles, CA 90045

LAX Airport Customer Service: How Do I Contact LAX Airport? 

The trip planners who would like to get through to an airport official can ring a call at the customer service of Los Angeles Airport. The official will assist you with the travel queries you have and can provide you with the information or services you want. Now, you can adhere to the below procedure for calling at the airport:

  • Dial the Los Angeles airport phone number: (855) 463-5252,
  • Next, set a language of your suitability to listen to the IVR Menu,
  • Press 1 for the general airport inquiries,
  • Press 2 to reserve a flight from LAX Airport,
  • Press 3 to inquire about flight status,
  • Press 4 to request special assistance at the airport,
  • Press 5 for lounge access,
  • Press 6 for baggage inquiries,
  • Press * to connect with an LAX Airport official. 

How Do I Speak to Someone at LAX Airport?

The calling way is not always suitable for the passengers, and therefore, there are other contact ways as well that help a person to get through to LAX customer service. The other ways that can get you the assistance from an airport official are as follows:

Virtual Assistance

LAX Airport has a virtual assistance option for passengers who would like to be assisted by the officials for any of their queries. Virtual assistance is available on the LAX's site, and for that, you will be required to perform the following steps:

  • First, you must reach the official site of LAX Airport,
  • You must locate the chat icon on the homepage itself,
  • Tap the "Ask LAX" option to open the virtual chat box,
  • You may ask questions by tapping on the given topic or writing your own in the box,
  • You will quickly receive a response from the airport official in the chat,
  • You can continue sending your queries in the virtual chat box till you have all the necessary information for your flight journey.

LAX Airport Customer Service Email:

An individual can take the email assistance at the LAX Airport customer service as well. The officials will look out for their passengers and answer the emails as soon as they can. However, the minimum response time of the customer service of an email is 24 hours and can extend to 48 hours. You must share relevant questions/queries to the official email address and wait for the response. 

LAX Airport Customer Service Contact Form:

Another quick way to share your concerns and questions with the airport official is by filling out the contact form. With this, you could send all your relevant doubts, and an official will contact you on your preferred platform. Following are the steps to attain help with the contact form:

  • To reach the contact form page on the LAX Airport site, click on (,
  • Next, you will have to enter your name and email,
  • Select the category of your request from the available list,
  • Further, provide a brief of the same in the comment box,
  • Click in the "Submit" box, and the contact form will be shared with customer service, and within some time, an official will reach out to you. 

LAX Airport Official Website and Social Media Profiles

The airport-related information is also available on their official site and on social media channels. One can find the answers to their question, explore the official site at their pace, and navigate different contact numbers as well. On the other hand, the social media profiles of LAX Airport can get you support from an official very quickly. 

Here are the relevant links to the sites that you can consider as per your needs:

  1. LAX Airport site: 
  2. LAX Airport Facebook: 
  3. LAX Airport Instagram: 
  4. LAX Airport Twitter: 
  5. LAX Airport Youtube: 

Airlines Operating at Los Angeles LAX Airport

To make your reservation, you must know which airlines operate flights with the Los Angeles LAX Airport. Here some of the major airlines are listed with whom you can reserve your flight:

  • Air Canada
  • Alaska Airlines 
  • Air France
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • Emirates
  • JetBlue 
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • United Airlines

How to Contact Any Specific Airlines For Inquiries?

In case you have a query related to the flight schedule from the LAX Airport, and for the same, you are required to contact the airline's representative; you will be required to place the call at the specific airline's customer service. The contact numbers of the main airlines at LAX Airport are provided below for your reference:

How Do I Contact LAX About Baggage Claims?

Individuals who have doubts regarding baggage claim at LAX can contact an official using the Los Angeles Airport customer service number (855-463-5252). The official on the call can guide you with your doubts and give you clear information about the baggage claim. For any baggage-related concerns, you can feel free to connect to the official at LAX and clarify the same. 

How Do I Call LAX Lost and Found?

The passenger wanted to contact the LAX lost and found the department to file a report and had to make a call to the phone number (424) 646-5678. Reaching out to the department, you can file the report specifying the details to the official person. 

How Do I Contact LAX Parking?

Individuals who have doubts related to parking at the LAX Airport can consider reaching out to the concerned representative and attain the answer to their doubts. In addition, LAX Airport provides the option for pre-booking parking space at the airport, which can save you time. Here is the contact information to reach out to the parking department at LAX Airport:

  • Phone Number: (310) 646-2911 
  • Email:

What is the Emergency Number For LAX?

In any situation of a mishap and critical condition, if passengers need to acquire quick assistance, the emergency number of the LAX Airport is (310) 646-7911. A person can connect on the same for the medical emergency and other critical assistance requirements, and a representative will immediately assist you. 


LAX Airport Customer Service: FAQs

Ques: Is LAX a 24-hour airport? 

Ans: Yes, LAX is a 24-hour airport, and the flights are scheduled at each hour. However, the terminals have different opening and closing hours at the airport that you might need to consider if you are planning to stay at the airport late at night or early morning. 

Ques: Where is LAX baggage claim?

Ans: The baggage claim is located at Level 1 of Terminal B at the LAX Airport. This terminal is also known as Tom Bradley International Terminal. One can claim their luggage after arriving from the same. The baggage can be claimed after going through with the immigration. 

Ques: How do I find my lost passport in LAX?

Ans: In any unfortunate case, if you have lost your passport during your travel with LAX Airport, you need to immediately reach out to the help center desk at the airport, or you could contact the customs department using the phone number (310) 665-4560. 

Ques: Where can I park at LAX for free?

Ans: The free parking at LAX is located at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. There are two cell phone waiting lots where the passengers can park their vehicles or wait up to 2 hours. The free parking lot is situated near the Northwest corner of 96th Street. 

Ques: How do I get help with my luggage at LAX?

Ans: The airport representatives can help you with your luggage at LAX. You need to simply contact the help desk and request the help you need with your luggage. One can also contact the luggage storage department by calling the phone number 310-670-4186 if needed. 

Ques: Does LAX have a concierge service?

Ans: Yes, LAX Airport has a concierge service that you can book to have a personal guide at the airport. The service includes assistance throughout the check-in points at the airport, such as immigration, baggage reclaim, porter service, and customs.