How Do I Contact O'Hare International Airport (ORD)?

O'Hare International Airport Customer Service (ORD) | How to Contact Chicago O'Hare Airport?

O'Hare International Airport is renowned in the world because of its top-class sophisticated facilities for travellers. It includes pedestrian underground walkways that connect two primary concourses and has beautiful neon lights that brighten the environment all around. Several interested fliers who use this place for flight service want to know about O'Hare Airport customer service in detail for a convenient journey. In his blog, passengers will be able to find out all the necessary information that can be used to contact O'Hare International Airport's educated agents for flight-related assistance.

O'Hare Airport Phone Numbers: Contact Information

There are many different impressive ways to contact live operators of the Airport. Also, to know about all important O'Hare International Airport contact details, they must focus on the provided information in the following points. However, if willing fliers face any challenges regarding flight-related or Airport services, they can get expert executives for help.

All significant Department Phone numbers: Several different department Phone numbers are mentioned below.

  • O'Hare International Airport customer number: (800) 832-6352
  • Midway International customer service number: (773) 838-0600
  • O'Hare Airport Emergency Contact Number: (773) 894-9111
  • Midway International Airport Emergency contact number: (773) 838-9111
  • O'Hare/Midway International Airport ADA Coordinator contact number: 773-894-3728 only between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm CST from Monday to Friday. 

Address detail: Chicago Department of Aviation, Customer Service, P.O. Box 66142, Chicago, IL 60666

Email: Two necessary mail Id exists for O'Hare International Airport are

Media relation:

FOIA requests:

O'Hare ADA Coordinator:

Midway ADA Coordinator:

Amendment Rules and regulation governing Chicago Airport system:

O'Hare Airport Customer Service: How to reach the O'Hare International Airport customer service?

It is one of the common questions that almost every traveller asks when they use O'Hare International Airport for flight services. There are several ways through which fliers can contact expert agents at the Airport regarding flight-related information and other special assistance. Some of the popular contact methods are available Phone numbers, email, online Chat, social media, and Feedback/Complaint forms.

It entirely depends on fliers which communication medium travellers choose while contacting the trained representatives.

Use the Phone to contact O'Hare International Airport trained operators:

Travellers prefer the Phone because it is one of the simplest communication mediums to get in touch with live operators and ask for help. Fliers can call O'Hare Airport Phone numbers, which are (800) 832-6352 / (773) 377-1210, and stick with some essential information for swift connections with live representatives over the Phone.

  • Travellers can dial the O'Hare International Airport customer support centre.
  • Now, they can press 1 to choose the language as per their preferences.
  • Fliers can press 1 to know about any particular flight services, including arriving and departure details.
  • Passengers can press 2 to know about the new Airport Terminal.
  • They can press 3 to 6 for information regarding flights like reservation, special assistance, delayed and lost baggage details.
  • Additionally, travellers can press 7 to speak with live representatives on call and get all necessary flight or Airport-related information from them.
  • The dedicated representatives will reply to them soon with practical solutions.

Moreover, the most appropriate time to approach Airport help desk executives is mainly in the early morning hours. It is because in this duration, call flow volume is minimal, which leads to linking an establishment with professional agents via Phone conveniently.

Use web Chat to connect with live operators of O'Hare International Airport:

Basically, passengers prefer online Chat because it is an alternative option to call, and they can explain their flight or Airport-related issues more clearly on such platforms. Also, it is one of the best ways to obtain Flight information from O'Hare quickly from the live representatives. Moreover, fliers must stick with essential steps to avail of the Chat support facility.

  • Fliers should go to the O'Hare International Airport standard website:
  • Now, they can click on the Chat options, which appear at the bottom right corners.
  • Travellers can open it and select the topics from the given options that are closed to flight or Airport problems.
  • Passengers should choose sub-topics and even elaborate the flight or Airport service concerns.
  • The virtual assistant will reply to them soon and resolve all their flight problems.

The average time that expert executives take to reply to passengers on the Chat platform is 3 to 6 minutes in normal cases.

Use email to connect with O'Hare International Airport operators:

Email is one of the innovative digital communication mediums to receive flight or Airport service-related correct information. Fliers prefer mail because they want answers in written format, which has some records and is considered more authentic than any other way to receive responses. Travellers can send an mail to and mention their flight or Airport service problems in detail and submit it successfully. However, it is a slower way to receive relevant flight or Airport information, so fliers must choose the fastest communication medium, especially when they expect an immediate solution or have any urgency.

Use the Complaint/Feedback form facility to contact O'Hare International Airport:

O'Hare International Airport offers complaint/Feedback form options in which travellers can express their overall trip experiences and how they have enjoyed Airport services. But, if fliers are dissatisfied with the Airport facilities, they can even highlight their concerns in detail in the form of complaint forms. The renowned Airport values travellers' feedback/Complaints and improves its possible services for passengers convenience. Also, to avail of Complaint form facilities, they must focus on the key points carefully.

  • Passengers must reach O'Hare International Airport's official Website.
  • They can click on "O'Hare Accessibility," which comes under "Additional Links" at the bottom right corner.
  • It will redirect them to the next page, and now fliers should choose "O'Hare ADA Complaint form".
  • They can open the Complaint forms and enter some essential details like name, email I.D., Phone number, address, city, state, and pincode.
  • Also, describe the Airport service violations in detail along with date, time, airline proper information, and location where passengers feel violation issues at the Airport.
  • After filling in all the details, travellers must submit it successfully.

One of the specialists from the complaint O'Hare Airport department will review fliers' problems efficiently, and they will reply within 10 to 15 working days when they observe passengers' violations and issues are genuine.

O'Hare Airport Social Media and Official Website:

Numerous interested fliers who use this reputed Airport want to know whether it has any official page and social media profiles through which they can gather essential information regarding its services. Yes, interested travellers can use its official websites and various O'Hare Airport social media profiles to gather relevant information such as airline arrival, departure, Concourse, and Terminals.

  • O'Hare International Airport's official Website is
  • O'Hare International Airport uses various social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter. Also, travellers can tag or comment about the Airport services only if they have valid profiles on these social media platforms.

Airlines operating at O'Hare Airport: How Many Airlines Are in O'Hare?

Several renowned air carriers operate flights at the O'Hare Airport, like Frontier, United, British, and American Airlines. Some other active Airways at the mentioned well-known Airports in Chicago are Air Canada, United Express, Delta Shuttle, Alaska, and Spirit Airlines.

All these popular Airlines operate scheduled flights to or from O'Hare Airport and allow passengers flexible destination options, making their air journey convenient per expectations.

Aer LingusCopa Airlines   Delta and Delta Shuttle   Denver Air Connection (Key Lime Air)

EVA Air                                Emirates                             Ethiopian Airlines

Etihad Airways                    Finnair                               Frontier Airlines

Iberia Airlines                     Icelandair                            Japan Airlines (JAL)

JetBlue                                  KLM Royal Dutch              Korean Air

LOT Polish Airlines           Lufthansa                            Royal Jordanian

SWISS                                   Qatar Airways                     Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Southwest Airlines             Spirit Airlines                      Southern Airways Express

Sun Country                        TAP Air Portugal                TAP Air Portugal

United Airlines                   Volaris Airlines                   Westjet Airlines

AeroMexico                         Air Canada                           Air France

Air India                              Air New Zealand                  Air Serbia

Alaska Airlines                   All Nippon                            American Airlines

Austrian Airlines                British Airways                    Cape Air

Contour Airlines                Cathay Pacific Airways

O'Hare International Airport Contact: How to Contact Any Specific Airlines For Inquiries?

This is a very common question that almost every traveller asks when they use their flight from O'Hare Airport. Some of the popular Airlines, along with reliable contact details, are shared below in the following points. Also, travellers can use its official websites to connect with the particular Airlines when they want its services.

Services Provide at the O'Hare Airport

O'Hare Airport offers numerous varieties of services to interested passengers. Some of the Special services at O'Hare are highlighted below in the points, and every passenger must consider the facilities while using the flight from the mentioned Airport in Chicago.

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi internet access fasciitis is available at all terminals of O'Hare International Airport.
  • Power station options are available, which include 32 public level II EV charging points for passengers.
  • Banking services, business centre, multi-modal facility/ MMF, Spa centre, and art exhibition showrooms.

O'Hare Airport Lost and Found: What to Do If You Have Lost Something at the O'Hare Airport?

Usually, such baggage-related questions arise at the O'Hare Airport, and travellers become even more curious and find ways to contact representatives for help. So, to minimise the problems of O'Hare Airport lost and found baggage issues, passengers should contact the expert executives and ask for assistance regarding the same on call. Fliers can call O'Hare Lost and Found baggage contact number at (773) 377-1210 / (773) 686-2385/(773) 462-0400 and should also tell them regarding their delayed or tampered baggage at the mentioned Airport.

The specialist agents will analyse passengers' baggage size and colour and, if they find it accurate, will assist them regarding their lost personal items at the Airport.

O'Hare Security Phone Number: How Do I Contact O'Hare Airport Security?

Fliers do not call Airport security in ordinary cases or for general flight or other service information. However, passengers usually call O'Hare Airport security in some exceptional situations or when they observe suspicious activities like unattended bags, bomb threats, hidden weapons, or some unauthorised person entering restricted areas.

In this case travellers should immediately report to the O'Hare Airport Security handling team either using Phone or even email about the situation in detail.

Also, the provided O'Hare International Airport security contact details are

  • TSA Checkpoints/Security lines - (773) 377-1210 and email I.D. - 
  • ATS/Airport Transit System: (773) 462-0400 and email address -
  • O'Hare International Airport Chicago police: (773) 686-2385

So, these are some essential contact details when fliers find any suspicious items at the Airport and observe any danger along with valid proof.

O'Hare Airport Parking Contact: Contact Information For Parking Facilities

While using various renowned airline flight services from the mentioned Chicago Airport, travellers usually look for feasible parking options where they can easily park their cars or SUVs for some time. Several willing passengers want to identify the correct O'Hare Airport parking contact number to avail of the facility soon. Also, the parking garage office contact number at the O'Hare International Airport is (773) 686-7530. Fliers can connect with this Phone number details to obtain an immediate response from the available executives for assistance.

O'Hare Airport Emergency Contact: What to Do in Case of Emergencies at the Airport?

This is a very critical question because it is related to the emergency at O'Hare International Airport for passengers and what necessary steps they should take to overcome such problems soon. First and foremost, if travellers observe any fire hazardous power failures or air conditioning, they should cooperate with the Airport staff executives. Also, they can take the help of O'Hare Airport emergency contacts, which are (773) 894-2427 and, and ask or even inform about emergencies in particular areas of the Airport. Further, travellers should pay attention to following the below points.

  • Travellers should listen and follow the instructions provided by Airport security personnel.
  • Also, passengers must adhere to the signs and signals that are used to guide them for safety purposes.
  • Do not create any panic or spread any false rumours which can cause inconvenience to other fliers at the Airport.

So, all the necessary information shared regarding the O'Hare International Airport customer services in this blog is correct.