How Do I Add My Lap Infant on United Airlines?

How Do You Add an Infant to a Flight Reservation?

Add Infants on United Airlines: As the name indicates, United Airlines is an airline from the United States of America. Suppose you have booked a flight seat and want to carry a baby on the airline. The Airline allows their passenger to bring their child on the airline, but they need a regular ticket for the infant. They can add infants on united airlines, but some conditions must be fulfilled first. You can read this article to inform yourself all about the infant policy at United Airlines.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the United Infant Policy?

A passenger who wants to fly with a baby on United Airlines has to keep a few things in mind before they board or add an infant to the journey. If they satisfy all the terms and conditions of the airline, then only they can take the child with them on the airline. The passengers are suggested to read the united infant policy below and make the booking for their infant accordingly:

  • Parents cannot book a seat for their kids below two years. The child must sit in the lap of their parents throughout the journey.

  • United does not allow infants under seven days old are not allowed to fly with the airline. The child must be between 7 days to 2 years to fly as an infant.

  • A child older than two years old will have to buy a full ticket and a seat on the flight.

  • Infants can bring their car seats on the airline. The car seat should be placed on the window seat throughout the journey.

  • United allows their passengers travelling with a child to breastfeed, pump in the bathroom or from the seat. The airline will bring you ice or formula cool for the milk. 

Steps to Add Infant on United Airlines

The passengers carrying a baby on United Airlines cannot book a normal seat for their infant. However, they must inform the airline about the child and add their infant's journey. You can follow the simple process below to add your infant to the journey:

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines.

  • Click on "Book my Journey" and then follow the simple process for the booking.

  • Once you have filled in all the booking details, click on add services and tap "infant on lap."

  • Now, you must provide the child's details and attach the infant's birth certificate to prove the child is under two.

  • Click to continue and get the payment option. Make the payment for the child and the ticket. 

  • United will book and share the details via your registered phone number and email.

Can I Add an Infant to an Existing Booking?

The passenger can add the journey of their infant while making the reservation. However, if they miss adding their child to the journey, they can do it through the manage my booking section later. To add an infant to the ticket, follow the process below:

  • Visit the official page of United Airlines.

  • Click on "Manage my Booking" and fill out the booking summary with your family name and reference booking code.

  • Next, click on retrieve booking to get the booking details.

  • Hereafter, move to the menu section and click the add infant option.

  • Provide the details of your infant and describe if you want any special assistance from the airline in the comment box.

  • Attract the birth certificate stating the child's age and click to get the payment options.

  • Choose the preferred channel to make the payment, and the airline will share the details with your registered email id once you make the payment.

How Much Does United Airlines Charge For Infants? 

The passenger carrying their baby on the flight cannot book a seat for their child. The airline suggests they keep their child in their lap or the chair car throughout the journey. The child does not occupy a seat on the flight, and thus, the passenger does not have to pay an amount for the entire ticket. However, United does charge for an infant's travel. The passenger will have to pay 10% of their ticket to add their child.

Can You Add an Infant to an International Flight? 

A child below the age of two years does not have to get a ticket for the travel. Parents can add the journey of their infant at the time of booking or check-in to their domestic or international flight.

Does United Have a Child Fare? 

United does not give a seat to the infant travelling on their flight, and thus parents do not have to buy a ticket for the infant. However, United Airlines charge for infants from the parents to add their infant. The airline charges 10% of the full ticket for an infant on the plane.

What Age is Considered a Child on United Airlines? 

Passengers carrying their babies on the flight are not required to purchase a ticket or to book a seat. Infants can travel in the lap of their parents throughout the journey. United charges 10% of the ticket fare to add an infant to the journey. However, the child must be between seven days to two years old to fly as an infant. The parents must show the birth certificate to prove their child's age before boarding the flight.

Is United not charging for children under 12? 

United does not charge a full ticket for a child under two years. Passengers who bring their child above two years will have to buy a ticket for their travel. However, if your child is under 12, you can sit next to them for free, and if your seat is at a distance from each other. You can apply to shift your booking to another flight where you can sit together. The airline will not charge the fare difference.

Do Lap Infants Get a Checked Bag United?

The passengers flying with their baby can bring a chair car for their infant. United allows passengers to take their babies with a chair car on the plane, and the airline will consider it a checked bag. However, the stroller must be in size as decided by the airline, and every passenger is allowed to take one child in their lap.

Add Infants on United Airlines: Bottom Line

The passengers taking their babies on United Airlines and looking to know about the policies can read this article and make the booking accordingly. However, if they want to know more, visit their official page and move to the infant section for more detailed information. 

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