How To Change The Name And Date On Delta Airlines?

Delta Policy on Ticket Name Change and Correction

With the ticket you have booked on Delta Airlines, there might be some faults that you might come across. You can get go through them and learn about the name and Delta Date Change Policy, and then make the changes. There can be issues that you might face for the problems you have. You can go through the given information below to learn about the changes you can make and how to go through the process. Also, the same shall help with the policies. 

Ways To Change The Name On Delta Airlines Flight Ticket.

The most basic way to make the changes is using the online change process on the webpage of Delta Airlines. To learn about the same, you can follow the given steps and complete the requirements. The steps are as follows: 

  • Visit Delta Airlines’ official website, 

  • Click on my trips option. 

  • Enter the travelling passenger’s reservation number and last name, and then click on search. This will retrieve the booking and take you to the booking page. 

  • On the booking page, from the menu list, select the change option and then choose the name change. 

  • This will advance you to a form where you must fill in the details and then confirm the payment. Make the payment if required, or else skip the next step. 

  • Click on confirm and approve the changes you are making after reviewing it. You shall receive an email regarding the same for your problems. 

Name Change Policy For Domestic And International.

The name change policy is the same for both domestic and international Delta tickets. You can go through them and make the changes so that you will be allowed to travel on the booking you are looking forward to making. The guidelines of the Delta Name Change Policy are as follows: 

  • A complete change of the passenger’s name is not allowed. Only a few modifications are what you can make. 

  • The name of the passenger must match that on the government-authorized verification ids. Failing this, you can be denied the travel you have booked and shall not receive any refund or compensation. 

  • Changes up to three characters are only allowed. The online process is the best change process. 

  • The changes/ modifications you can make for free are the expansion of the middle name, the addition of the last name, change of nicknames to the official name. 

  • You must provide government-authorized ids while making the changes you are looking to make. 

Different Situations For The Name Correction.

The name changes to your ticket can be made in different circumstances. These are as follows: 

  • Changes due to marriage/ divorce: Name change can be made on the travel ticket when there is a surname change as a result of marriage or divorce. Show proper documents for the same.  

  • Spelling mistake due to absent-mindedness: At times, due to hurry or rush, there can be a minor spelling mistake to the name of the passenger. This can be changed later on so that boarding the flight cannot be allowed, and you shall be allowed for the same. 

  • Changes up to three characters: If there is any mistake in the passenger’s anime, then you can change a maximum of up to three characters. Further, which change will not be allied, and if required, you will have to cancel and rebook the flight. 

  • Add middle anime or alter last and first name: Addition and alteration can also be made with the passenger’s name. You can make the changes with the assistance of the customer service team of the airline, and then the changes as per requirement can be done. 

How Much Does Delta Charge To Change The Name On A Ticket?

For the booking you hold of Delta Airlines, if there are any modifications/ changes you are making, then you will have to pay Delta name change fee $50 for the change. You must confirm the payment, after which the changes you are looking for can be made. 

How Can I Talk To a Delta Official About Changing My Name?

For changing the name on the ticket booked with Delta Airlines, the online process can help, and you can also get the changes done using the call process. You can get to talk to the representative from Delta Airlines and then make their booking. You can get to call them and connect with them to make the changes you are looking to go through. The steps which will guide you to find the contact number are as follows: 

  • Navigate to the help page of Delta Airlines from the Need Help option available on the homepage. 

  • Scroll to the additional assistance section and find the contact number. 

  • You will get their number, 800 221 1212. 

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