How to Contact Delta for Special Assistance?

Delta Airlines Special Assistance: How Do I Request?

You can contact Delta for special assistance through a helpline number 404-209-3434, available on the official site of the airline. The number will connect with a live person who is professional enough to prepare all the facilities before you reach the airport. While contacting Delta Airlines for special assistance, you need to provide supportive documents related to your disability to help the team provide necessary service at the airport and inside the flight. 

Delta Airlines Special Assistance: Policy

You can apply for the special assistance service at Delta. Still, you need to be aware of the Delta special assistance policy that has been made flexible so that any one of you can take benefits of special facilities. These policies are designed under the supervision of senior authorities so that there will be a decorum and trustworthy relationship between airline authorities and clients. 

Here are the measures that must be taken with people travelling with disabilities.

  • Passengers must sit on a seat that has a moveable seat armrest. 
  • You will get a side-by-side seat to the passengers and to his/ her attendant.
  • If you are a passenger with a special ability and travelling with a service dog or immobilised or fused leg can be seated on a bulkhead seat. Still, you need to make a request to the airline customer special assistance team. 
  • Delta Airlines will provide you with a wheelchair. If you have your own, you are requested to give the chair at check-in, and you can receive it from the deprecating date. The wheelchair needs to be disassembled or assembled on the instruction of the airline. 
  • Service animals are allowed but should be adequately trained to assist you with visual, hearing, or mobility disability.
  • In the case of pregnant women, Delta Airlines will not ask for a medical certificate and will deliver you the best possible special assistance. But you need to check with the doctor whether it is suitable to travel eight months pregnant.  

Delta Airlines Special Assistance: How Do I Request Through the Phone?

You can request Delta for special assistance through the phone call option 404-209-3434 because it is a quick and effective way to approach the team directly. You will get a toll-free number that is available for 24 hours and seven days to give you proper guidance so that you can register for special assistance, and the airline team will prepare themselves to provide you with special treatment before you arrive at the airport. 

Once you dial the number, a live person will ask for the details and provide all the relevant details, and if you have a battery-powered wheelchair, then you need to notify the airline 48 hours in advance.  

Delta Airlines Special Assistance: What Special Assistance Does Delta Provide?

You will get wheelchair services that Delta will pre-arrange, and the airline will provide transport to connecting flights and other areas of the airport so that you can move from one place to another without any hassle. 

  • In the case of electric cart service that will be provided at the selected airports. Electric carts will provide a ride on a small electric cart to or from your gate. 
  • You will get assistive devices and medications from the airline authority.
  • If you are hearing and speaking impaired, the airline will provide you with assistance that will guide you in boarding, deplaning, and connecting between flights. 

Delta Airlines Special Assistance: How Do I Request a Wheelchair?

You can make a special request for Wheelchair assistance through an online method because it is easy, and you can get access to wheelchair facilities from your preferred location. You can simply head towards my trips section at the airline’s site, then choose your booking under that, select the wheelchair option, and put in the request. 

Or you can simply connect at the airline through Delta special assistance contact number, 404-209-3434, which will help you request a wheelchair. You will get a confirmation mail with your registered details regarding the wheelchair facility. But after arriving at the airport, you need to get in touch with the Delta representative so that you will receive a wheelchair at the departure gate. 

Delta Airlines Special Assistance: How Much Fee Do I Need To Pay?

The fees depend on the type of special assistance you are requisition for your entire journey. Sometimes it can be free of cost. In some exceptional cases for that, you need to go through the special assistance page available on the official page of the airline. For further assistance and fees, you can get access to the Delta special assistance team at toll-free number 404-209-3434.

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