How Do I Add My Lap Child To My Southwest Flight?

Get Appropriate Details To Add A Lap Child To The Southwest Flight

Southwest Airlines assures you it provides the best flight booking service to your destination regularly. It ensures the convenient facility to add a child to a Southwest flight and perfect your flight journey. Hence, if you want to add an infant on a Southwest flight, understand the terms and condition and some policy that encourages you to travel with your child conveniently. Learn the simple concept of adding your child and understand the rules for infants and toddlers when travelling with them to your destination.

How Do I Add My Lap Child To My Southwest Flight?

If you have doubts and want to add a child, you must know the proper use of a child restraint system that enhances child safety on aircraft. You must read the rules and regulations for domestic and international authorities that you need to know accordingly. You will learn further about specific regulations, restrictions, terms, and conditions explained in the answers below.

How to Add a Lap Child: Terms and Conditions?

It is recommended that the passengers add a child on a special assistance request near the end of the booking or call a representative after the booking is made for domestic and international flights. Learn the specific policy to add a child and review the terms and conditions below.

  • You can add a child over 14 days under two years of age who cannot occupy a seat and carry such a child while travelling to your destination.
  • Reserve your flight ticket with a lap child online for convenient domestic and international travel services.
  • There is a default specific regulation to travel with one lap child, and you don’t need to pay any charges during check-in time.
  • If you are travelling on a domestic flight, you can travel with a laptop child and don’t need to show any boarding pass for your infant.
  • You must have a boarding verification document which can be printed at the airport on the day of travel at a kiosk or the ticket counter.  

How to Add A Child On Southwest Airlines?

If you have booked your flight, you can add a lap child to an existing booking and get the message on your registered phone. Be aware of a trick to add a child on Southwest Airlines that you can add to your booking conveniently. To be enlightened about adding a child, go through the steps below.

  • First, visit the Southwest Airlines booking website and go to the booking section to select your already booked flight.
  • Get the option to add your child, check the box to add your lap child, and click on the next tab.
  • Enter the child’s name, gender, date, and time, select the other services, and select the next button.
  • Read and acknowledge the lap child policy displayed on the screen by clicking accept button.
  • Check and confirm the passenger and flight number and click the next and you can check the bags by clicking the finish button.      

How Much Does Southwest Airlines Charge to Add Infants?

You don't need to pay additional charges when you wish to add infants to your booking. You can use your reservation with rapid rewards points to add infants significantly.

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