What If My Carry-on is One Inch Too Big Delta?

How Strict is Delta with Carry-on Size and Weight?

This happens to many people at the time preparing bags for the flights. We don't check the baggage size and weight, which is a huge problem at the time of departure. So, if your carry baggage is one inch big, Delta Airlines is bound to charge some extra amount from you, and it would be $30 for the first bag, and for the second bag, it would be $40. So, we suggest you go through the baggage policies before departing. 

Delta Excess & Overweight Baggage Policy

It is completely normal among passengers that their baggage goes overweight, which is why they need to have some extra limit for the baggage. So, if you booked your flight with Delta Airlines, then you are benefited as you have to pay a very less amount for that. So, if the baggage weight exceeds 23 kilograms, these rates are Excess & Overweight Baggage Policy. 

  • For weight between 24 to 32 kilograms as passengers need to pay $100 per bag. 

  • You must give $200 for a weight between 33 to 46 kilograms. 

  • And the Airline won't accept your luggage as checked baggage if the limit crosses 46 kilograms. 

Size and Weight Limit for Carry-on Luggage

As per the Delta carry-on baggage, a person can carry a single carry-on bag with them and one person's item, which could be a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag. 

  • The Delta carry-on size should be 45 linear inches and 115 centimetres which includes handles and wheels. 

  • And it should fit in the overhead bin in front of your seats. 

  • There is no Delta carry-on Weight Limit, but it should meet the sizes that have been written. 

Charge For Oversized Carry-on Luggage

Delta totally understands if the size of the carried baggage exceeds the limit a little bit, you can pay extra charges for that at the departure gate for one baggage, the price would be $30, and for the other baggage, you have to pay an amount of $40. 

 How Do Delta Airlines Measure Your Luggage?

Delta measures the baggage size in linear inches or centimetres that include length, width, and height. Per passenger, up to 10 pieces of baggage can be checked on the flights operated by Delta or Delta shuttle. And on a carrier flight, a passenger is able to check up to 4 bags. 

The checked baggage policy of Delta Airlines. 

A passenger with a paid seat can have checked baggage at Delta. Checked baggage is those which are big and have a great weight limit. But there is a limit that every passenger needs at the time of flight. Learn them as provided below. 

  • If you are an economy seat holder, then you can carry two standard bags and up to 10 maximum bags. 

  • And the size of the bags should not exceed the limit of 62 inches and 157 centimetres, including length, width, and height.

  •  And the weight of the bags should be 23 kilograms, and if it exceeds the limit, then travellers have to pay the extra amount. 

So, here is the answer to your baggage problem. If you still have any doubts, then you can visit the site of the Airline, where you will get the rest of your answer with the best resolution.

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