How Do I Book Group Travel Ticket For American Airlines?

American Airlines Group Booking: How Do I Book a Flight For a Group of People?

Travelling in a group could be a more advantageous and pleasurable experience. However, managing a group while travelling in an airport could be hard. Furthermore, performing the same requests on American Airlines could share a high-touch experience. There, you can have the services in the name of Group & Meeting Travel. It is a way through which you can manage your group booking in a much more convenient manner but in accordance with the related conditions. Moreover, you can acquire information regarding the same by going through the subheading. 

How Do I Book a Group Travel With American Airlines?

On American Airlines, you can find different options for conducting a group booking. Consequently, you can choose amongst these methods according to your requirements, and the detailed information in context has been stated at the bottom. 

Submit a quote online

You can independently register your request for American Airlines group booking by submitting a quote online. In this way, you could acknowledge each and every fact. Further, the clues about accessing this information have been stated at the bottom.

  • Go to American Airlines' official site
  • After that, click on the “Contact American” option
  • Further, click on the “Email Us” icon 
  • Later on, choose the subject “Group or meeting travel.”
  • And then select “Request quote” options 
  • Now fill out a form with the asked information and then click on the submit icon
  • Once your concern is shared, the airline could get in touch with an appropriate offer. 

Give a ring to the airline

The simplest mode with which you could be able to conduct your complicated process of a group booking is by getting in touch with American Airlines customer service directly on a call. Moreover, on a call, you get to share the necessary information, and the rest could be taken care of by them. So, the American Airlines group booking phone number is 800-221-2255.

Send a quotation by email

When you need more blank space for a proper elaboration of a group booking concern, then send an email to the Group & Meeting reservations desk. In this way, you could be able to type every information in detail, but the revert by them can take 12 to 48 hours. Further, the official email for a group booking is

What is the Phone Number For American Airlines Group Travel?

American Airlines can customise your group travel and make the experience delightful. Further, the convenient method out of their available options is call. It is because you could just have to share information, and advanced steps could be taken care of by approaching customer service. For that, dial the American Airlines group travel phone number 800-221-2255 and choose an option from the recorded menus. 

American Airlines Group Travel: Benefits of Group Booking with American Airlines

Group booking could be more suited for the condition if you have a group of more than 10 people and are willing to travel with American Airlines. Further, when you choose these options, then you could be entitled to certain benefits that might not be availed through a separate American Airlines reservation. Further, you can acknowledge those from the bottom points:-

  • Cost-effective fares
  • Travel coordinator on site
  • Free changes in name per tickets
  • Flexibility in the ticket schedules
  • Organised itinerary
  • Able to reserve a space in advance of 11 months. 

American Airlines Travel Policies: How Does American Airlines Group Booking Work?

American Airlines has laid statutory provisions for various categories, including group booking. So when you urge to have an American Airlines group reservation, then you can inspect American Airlines group booking terms and conditions, and particulars about the same have been laid below:-

  • The group should not be less than 10 or more people.
  • They are travelling in a common flight segment to particular destinations.
  • If the number of groups decreased to 10, then your reservation could be treated as an individual. 
  • When your group booking fails to comply with the minimum requirement, then the airline can cancel your booking, and the deposition amount could be forfeited.
  • If you do not have complimentary benefits, then any changes after ticketing could be eligible for a penalty and fare difference. 
  • A group of 20 minors accompanied by an adult on a nonstop could be considered as a group booking. If you have a connecting flight, then per adult, only 15 minors could be permitted. 
  • American Airlines offers one-name changes per ticket for free. If you have to change more, then you could have to pay for additional changes. 
  • If an airline does not receive the final payment before the expiration of deadlines, then the airline could cancel your group booking, too. 

American Airlines Group Booking: Minimum Requirements

A group booking on American can be processed through various phenomena more conveniently. In order to have a booking, you get to qualify for its minimum requirement, and if you are not able to bypass the requirement for American Airlines group travel, then you might not be able to have a booking. Hence, the required document list has been prescribed at the bottom:-

  • A group should consist of 10 or more people
  • Travelling to a similar arrival airport
  • Select any cabin, including premium economy
  • Booking can be made on an American Airlines flight or oneworld® destination.
  • Infants travelling on a lap could be counted in a group booking.

American Airlines Group Booking: Tips For a Smooth AA Group Travel Experience

Travelling is a soothing experience for both physical and mental health. But travelling involves a lot of factors, and that might be confusing and hectic sometimes. However, if you follow certain tips before planning an event, then you might not face such an experience. Further, the details related to this have been described below.

  • Organise a tip in advance
  • Determine travelling routes and destinations
  • Scrutinise the necessity of a trip
  • Aware of rules and amenities offered by airlines
  • Prioritise safety over other needs
  • Add only the required services to the itinerary.


American Airlines Group Booking: FAQs

Ques: What is an unrestricted fare?

Ans: An unrestricted fare is imposed with fewer terms and conditions as compared to another available flight ticket. Moreover, when you can cancel a booking, then you could be eligible to have a complete refund. Besides this, you could be able to make changes to the itinerary, such as date change, flight, or name, without paying any penalty. 

Ques: How long can I hold a reservation?

Ans: A Fare hold is a medium to avail time until the confirmation of reservation. Further, the maximum time limit for a hold is 24 hours, and if you did not complete a booking up to that period, then the airline could cancel your reservation. However, if you need more time, then you can request an extension. Moreover, you have to fill up with various terms and conditions to get this booking. 

Ques: Where can I find my ticket number?

Ans: A flight number is a six-digit code of alphanumeric. When you complete your booking procedure then, you can receive this number on a registered email address and contact number. So, when you are having trouble locating the same, then you can inspect any of the following methods and have a ticket number.

Ques: How do I buy same-day flight change or same-day standby?

Ans: A same-day flight change is an event that allows one to choose an earlier or later flight than the original one. Further, a stand-day standby flight allows you to retain your flight while listing for an earlier flight. However, you can have those options if a seat is available on a flight and they have common departure as well as arrival airports.


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