How to Use an American Airlines Travel Credit?

A Complete Guide on American Airlines Travel Voucher, Flight And Trip Credit

American Airlines provides their passengers with travel credits: Travel Credit, Flight Credit, and Travel Vouchers. American Airlines Travel Voucher contains different terms and conditions, so know all rules and regulations before redeeming them. Kindly check the below-mentioned data. However, it can be used only for flight bookings but can’t be used for seat selection and extra baggage.

1. Travel Credit:

Here are the travel credit terms and conditions issued by American Airlines, which passengers must know.

  • Travel Credit is issued for American Airlines refunds, compensation, and the remaining amount after the change. 
  • It is generally valid for trips from the US or some selected countries.
  • Per reservation, 8-9 passengers booked it on the Airline website, but you should contact airline customer service for more than nine travellers.
  • Airline travel voucher holders can use it for anyone.
  • It has an expiry date of one year from the date issued.
  • You can redeem it while making a new booking online. Otherwise, call the help desk executive number.

2. Flight Credit:

Some essential rules of flight credits that you must know before redeeming the credit vouchers to enjoy the benefit as the flight credits are applicable only for flights within the US. 

  • It is issued for unused or cancelled tickets.
  • American Airlines Flight Credits are used for non-Award trips.
  • You can book one person per reservation, but it is better to reach them on call if you want to book more than one.
  • Travellers whose name is mentioned on the voucher can only redeem it.
  • You can find it while making a new booking. Otherwise, it would help if you approached the customer support executive.

3. Travel Voucher:

The travel voucher is a paper voucher valid for flight booking only, and passengers can book a maximum reservation of up to 8 for one travel voucher. Voucher holders can book tickets for anyone, valid for one year from the date issued. 

  • Travellers cannot redeem vouchers for seat upgrades and extra baggage.
  • Passengers have the flexibility to book the flight tickets either for others or themselves.
  • Otherwise, you can contact the Airline executive to book new reservations using the American Airlines travel vouchers.

American Airlines Travel Voucher: How Do I Use My American Airlines Voucher?

If you hold any American Airlines Travel Voucher, it can be easily redeemed on the website. You can also retrieve the digital voucher by clicking on the given link in the email. When the customer shall proceed with payment, kindly enter the PIN or e-voucher details and get the discount fare.

How Do American Travel Vouchers Work?

Passengers can redeem the earned travel credit to get a discount on flight fares, Meals, upgrades, and more. When the person is processing a new booking, you will see options like Add travel voucher on the payment page. You should enter the PIN and travel voucher number, which must have been emailed. Once the coupon is applied, the difference fare will reflect on the original fare price.

American Airlines Flight Credit: How to Use a Flight Credit on American Airlines?

Airlines offer three types of vouchers with their own rules and regulations; however, if you hold American Airlines flight credit and want to redeem it for the trip. Passengers should remember that the flight credits can be used for new reservations but can’t be used for award booking tickets. Also, it expires after one year. You must know the essential process, which is explained here.

  • To redeem the flight credit, passengers should visit the American Airlines website.
  • Click on the book and enter the preferred details like arrival and departure destination, number of travellers, and more.
  • The list of available flights will be displayed here; choose one from the given wide choice.
  • After flight selection, customers will carry forward to the payment page, where they will see options like adding a flight credit or travel credit, paying via card, and other methods.
  • Passengers should click on the flight credit option and enter the voucher number and PIN given in the email.
  • Once the flight credit is applied, you will see the price drop in the airfare or no dues.

American Airlines Trip Credit: How to Use a Trip Credit on American Airlines?

American Airlines issued trip credits for those who cancelled their flights or for delayed flights to provide compensation, refund, and the remaining balance of the exchange tickets. Each traveller must know some mandatory steps to redeem the American Airlines travel credit, valid for non-award bookings.

  • Passengers can use the trip credits for domestic or international flights.
  • You can find these travel credits in your mailbox.
  • A person should keep the voucher details handy to redeem the trip credits.
  • Now, you must dial 800-433-7300 to speak to the American Airlines customer service executive.
  • Kindly hear the automated IVR instructions and wait a while to get linked with the agent on call.
  • You should share the details like airport arrival - departure, travel date and details of passengers.
  • The agent will ask for the details of the trip credit, like the number and PIN, and apply for it.
  • The screen will show the remaining balance after the discount; proceed to pay, and the Airline will email the booking confirmation number.

American Airlines Travel Credit Terms and Conditions:

If the person owned the American Airlines travel credits, which he received at the time of cancellation. Airlines offer these for compensation, refunds, and the remaining amount of the flight ticket exchange, but it has its terms and conditions, which are listed below.

  • Travel credits are valid only for non-award domestic or international flight tickets.
  • These are eligible for both national and international flights.
  • Passengers cannot redeem these vouchers for extra baggage limits or leg space on booked seats.
  • Customers can easily use eight trip credits for a single passenger reservation, and you can quickly redeem it online.
  • You can use these credits to book your trip or others.

American Airlines Travel Voucher: How Do I Add a Travel Voucher to American Airlines?

Passengers may require the travel voucher details, for example, PIN and e-voucher number, to add it to the American Airlines booking. To know more about adding it, read the given description.

  • A person should search the American Airlines webpage for the preferred flight.
  • After selection, you must choose the link travel voucher, which will show on the payment page.
  • Now enter the cancelled booking number and click on the apply credit.
  • You should use other available methods to pay the remaining balance, and the confirmation code will be sent to the shared email address.

How Long Are American Airline Vouchers Good For?

American Airlines, all three travel vouchers have validity for one year from the date issued. Passengers should ensure to redeem the earned vouchers within the restricted period to enjoy the benefits; otherwise, they will expire, and you will no longer be eligible to claim them. You can find these vouchers in your mailbox as the airline will share the details of the travel voucher, flight credit or trip credit on the passenger’s valid email address so that they can use this for new reservations within the restricted time period of one year.

What to Do When a Travel Voucher Expires?

If your travel voucher is about to expire, in such circumstances, passengers are advised to call the customer service agent and ask for an effective solution. Hence, American Airlines won’t extend the validity of the expired travel vouchers nor reissue the travel credits. The Airline is not responsible for honouring invalid or expired flight credits.

How Do I Get My Credit Back From American Airlines?

If you want to get the credit back from American Airlines for the cancelled flights, you must follow the essential helpful steps to get the refund. 

  • You should make sure that the booked flight ticket is cancelled first.
  • The refund form will show on the screen when the cancellation is completed.
  • Click on it and fill in the required information like cancelled booking details, passenger information, valid bank account details for the refund, and valid contact number or email.
  • Now, you should verify the cancelled booking details.
  • Passengers must review the refund criteria and eligibility.
  • You should proceed further as per the instructions.
  • At last, verify the refund request details.
  • The Airline will take up to seven days to refund the cancelled booking price in the traveller’s account.


American Airlines Travel Credit: FAQs

Ques: Can you use an American Airlines voucher for someone else?

Ans: If the person holds a flight credit voucher, then you should only make a reservation for yourself. In contrast, if travellers own a trip credit or travel voucher, they can easily create a new booking for themselves or any other traveller. You must have a trip credit or travel voucher to use an American Airlines e-voucher for some other person.

Ques: Can I get a voucher if I cancel my American Airlines flight?

Ans: In case of cancelled flight tickets, American Airlines offers their travellers flight and trip credit vouchers to make the cancellation simple and easy. These vouchers are valid for one year for domestic or international flights, and customers can redeem them for new bookings for themselves or anyone.

Ques: Is American Airlines offering vouchers?

Ans: Yes, American Airlines offers travel vouchers: trip credits, flight credits, and travel vouchers. In contrast, trip credits are for compensation and refunds, flight credits for unused tickets or cancellations, and travel vouchers for paper vouchers. 

Ques: What is the difference between a travel credit and a voucher?

Ans: There is a simple difference between travel credits and vouchers. Airline travel credits can be used on as many flights or for up to eight travellers per reservation until they are entirely used. In contrast, the vouchers are eligible to be used only on one flight, with any remaining value that will be wasted.


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