How Do I Get a Refund From Emirates Airlines?

Refunding Made Easy: Your Complete Emirates Airlines Refund Guide

After booking your flight With Emirates, you no longer wish and now want to get a refund from the airline. You can have a problem as you can make the request through the official website or by dialling the telephone number and speaking to a live executive. Read the Emirates Airlines Refund Policy to know about the airline's refund terms and conditions. Still, if you have any queries or need assistance, then communicate with customer service, and they will get you the answer.

Emirates Airlines Refund Policy

  • The airline will refund passengers who cancel their booking within 24 hours of purchasing the Emirates ticket.
  • Passengers will not receive a full refund if they cancel their flight after 24 hours of reservation, as the cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If Emirates cancels your booking, then they will refund the full amount.
  • If any passenger has to cancel the reservation due to health problems, they can provide the relevant proof and get a full refund.
  • Emirates will refund the amount within seven working days through the same payment method. It may take longer for passengers who have purchased the ticket through cash.

How to Request a Refund From Emirates Airlines?

You can request a refund with Emirates Airlines through the official website or mobile application. Fill out the refund form with all the necessary information, and then the airline will verify your details and get your money back within a few days. If you want to learn the process to fill out the refund request form, then follow through the mentioned steps:

  • First, you are required to get to the official Emirates Airlines website or launch the mobile application.
  • Go to the “Help” section on the main tab.
  • Select the “Refund Form” option.
  • Then you have to fill out the form with your personal and flight details.
  • Choose the refund request type and also add any comments.
  • The airline will refund the amount after verifying the details on the form.

What is The Fee to Make Changes to Your Emirates Flight?

If you make any changes to your flight ticket after 24 hours of making the reservation, the airline will charge you a fee. You can pay the amount online through the “My Bookings” section. Following are the fees to make changes to your flight:

  • Cancellation fee - The airline charges around $75 to $200 to cancel the flight ticket. However, the fee might also vary on the time left for the departure and your cabin.
  • Flight change fee - The fee to change your flight with Emirates is around $100 for Economy passengers and around $200 for business passengers.
  • Refund Fees -  The passenger will get the full amount if they cancel between the first 24 hours of booking. The refund fees depend upon the services used and the departure date.

How to Minimize Fees When Requesting a Refund from Emirates Airlines?

The airline will charge some fee to cancel your booking, and you might not get the full refund. There are a few ways through which you can minimise the fees. When you request a refund from Emirates Airlines through the official website form, try to fill it out within 24 hours of booking. If you are cancelling the flight due to a health issue, upload a relevant document as proof with the form, and the airline will reduce the fee.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Refund from Emirates Airlines?

After cancelling your flight ticket, the airline promises to refund the amount within seven working days. However, if you have made the reservation through cash, it might take up to 10 days or more. You can also check the status of the refund through the official website or contact customer service, and they will provide the information.

Emirates Airlines Refunds for Different Ticket Types

Emirates provides different ticket types; if you want to know about the refund amount for all the tickets, then follow the given information:

  1. Economy Flex/Plus - The cancellation fee is around $75 and might depend on the departure date.
  2. Premium Economy - You will be charged $200 to $400 from a premium Economy ticket refund.
  3. Business Special/ Flex/Plus - The fee for business class might vary around $400.
  4. First Flex/Plus -  The First class cancellation fee is the same as the business class and might cost around $400.

Emirates Airlines Voucher vs. Cash Refund: Which is Better?

When you cancel your booking with Emirates Airlines, they will give you the option to get a refund through a voucher or cash. However, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. To get more information on this, read the following information:

Vouchers - Suppose you choose a voucher as a method for your refund; then Emirates will quickly provide you with a voucher worth the same amount for your cancelled flight. You can use it to make a new reservation or to book a flight in the future. The biggest disadvantage is that you cannot use the voucher for other means as you have to book a flight to use it, and it has an expiry date.

Cash Refund - If you choose to get the refund in cash, you can receive it at the airport and use it for other means. The airline will provide you with the same amount as your flight ticket, and you can use it anytime to book another flight as it has no expiry date. However, the only disadvantage is that the refund might take longer.

How do I contact Emirates For a Refund Request?

Another method for a Refund Request from Emirates Airlines is a phone call. You can dial the airline's telephone number 1800-777-3999 and choose the option to request a refund. Then, your call will get through with an executive who will assist you in cancelling the reservation and share the information with you. Below are the steps to connect through a phone call:

  • Give a call to the Emirates telephone number.
  • Pick any language for your assistance.
  • Choose an IVR to request a refund.
  • Then, your call will connect to Emirates customer service within a few minutes.
  • Once you get a hold of someone, mention your reservation details and state the reason.
  • After that, the executive will provide you with the details regarding the refund.


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