How Do I Contact United Airlines Customer Service?

A Complete Guide to 'How to contact United Airlines'?

United is one of the most popular airlines in the United States that passengers can prefer flying with. They offer an incredible flying experience and a user-friendly platform to discover, explore, book, and manage their flights. They also have a professional customer service team to address customer concerns, and they walk the extra mile to provide the best possible solutions to their customers. 

Suppose you have a United Airlines reservation and need to change the booking for some unforeseen conditions, and you cannot do it online. In that case, you need not wonder: How to contact United Airlines? Several options exist, such as calling, emailing, live Chat, social media, etc. You must read the segment below to know more about the contact options and other essentials.

How to Contact United Airlines Customer Service? : Step-by-Step Guide

There are several ways to contact United Airlines, such as calling, emailing, Social Media, Live chat, etc., for issues related to their flights and services offered, but the best way is to call United Airlines customer service number at 1-800-864-8331 as it is the primary mode of Contact. You can call them in the manner described below.

  • Firstly, dial the given number, and you will be asked to select a language you prefer for communication.
  • After picking up the language, you will listen to the automated recorded commands.
  • You must follow the orders carefully to choose the option related to your issue or the 9th option to get in touch with an agent.
  • They will forward your call to a dedicated person and, in the meantime, put your call on recording for training and security purposes. 
  • Once you are connected to a representative, you can ask for the required help and make the most of it by talking to them.

What Kind of Issues Can United Airlines Customer Service Resolve?

You can resolve a number of issues related to your United Airlines flight or the services offered by contacting the United Airlines customer support team. Some of the crucial issues are brought up below for your convenience.

Booking a Flight: You can conveniently book a United Airlines flight online through their website. But, if you are facing any difficulties, you can get through their customer service team to resolve the issue.

Cancel/change an existing booking: You also have the option to contact United Airlines customer service if you are willing to cancel/change an existing booking with them.

Seat Upgrade: Passengers often need to upgrade their Seats for a comfortable and exciting journey, which can be quickly done by contacting the United Airlines customer service before the due time.

Special Assistance: Special Assistance includes services like wheelchairs and portable mobility devices. Passengers can request these by contacting the United Airlines customer service team while booking their flights.

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What is The United Airlines Customer Service Phone Number and Hours of Operation?

Suppose you are looking to contact the United Airlines customer care team over call. In that case, you can quickly get through them using the number 1-800-864-8331 anytime, as the United Airlines customer service hours are available 24/7. They understand the fact that customer service is one of the fundamental pillars of an airline service provider. That's why they provide 24-hour assistance through calling, email, live Chat, and social media. But, the response time varies per the contact mode used.  

Chat Support: How To Get Instant Assistance From United Airlines? 

You can also use the United Airlines customer service chat option to connect with a virtual assistant and instantly resolve your issue quickly and courteously. To chat with a representative, you are only required to replicate the steps described below.

  • Open the website 
  • Navigate the Contact Us page of the website and click the Chat Now link on the page to open a separate pop-up window with a live representative.
  • Select your reason to contact from the ones given in the box and drop a message about your issue in the chat box. 
  • They will instantly reply to start and conclude the discussion, resolving the issue.

Email Support: How To Contact United Airlines By Email?

Email Form is another option to get in touch with a representative at United Airlines quickly, and it can be preferred over the United Airlines Customer Service number. It can be used in a couple of ways, as you can raise a new concern and, on the other hand, monitor an ongoing issue with them. You can fill out the Form by obeying the steps described below.

  • Firstly, Navigate the Contact Us page of the United Airlines website.  
  • Select a reason to contact from the ones mentioned on-screen on the following page.
  • After selecting the reason, a related Form will open up. Fill it in with the details like name, email, booking reference/code, phone, etc.
  • Submit it, and an agent will reach out to you with a possible solution within 24 hours of submission. 

Social Media: How to Use Social Media to Contact United Airlines?

If you are exploring an additional way to contact United Airlines customer service, you can end your search on Social Media. You can use social media instruments like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to communicate with a representative. It is to be considered that getting a reply takes longer than other contact modes. 

The links for different social platforms are available on the Contact Us page of the United Airlines website. Click the link of your preference, and you will be directed to the chat page. Send a message about your problem, and a dedicated representative will reply to address your concern when available. You can also use the links brought up below.

  • Facebook: 
  • Twitter: 
  • Instagram: 

Using the United Airlines App Support: Features and Functions

The United Airlines App is beneficial in numerous ways if you want to perform most of the operations through your mobile instead of the website and don't want to use the United customer service number. You can efficiently perform the functions given below at your fingertips using the United Airlines mobile App.

  • Booking/ cancellation: Using the mobile application, you can easily book or cancel your flight at United Airlines. 
  • Check-in: The App check-in is also convenient as it saves you a lot of time standing in a queue at the airport, and you will also get the e-boarding pass in the app for your convenience.
  • Flight change: If you want to change your United Airlines flight or itinerary, you can easily do it through the Manage Booking section of the app.  
  • Seat Upgrade: Seat upgrade is also possible through the app for a comfortable journey, and the payments are also secure. 
  • Special Assistance: You can also appeal for Special Assistance services like wheelchairs and mobility devices while booking through the app or afterwards by editing the booking.

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United MileagePlus member: How Do I Contact United MileagePlus?

United MileagePlus is the reward program for their frequent fliers. The passengers are required to enrol in the United MileagePlus program, and they will be entitled to earn reward points/miles for every dollar they spend at United Airlines. They can use it for a new booking, Seat upgrade, Amenities, In-flight purchases, etc. You can also contact the United MileagePlus customer service at 1-800-421 4655 between 7 AM and 12 AM daily Central Time. You can use the United MileagePlus points to perform the following operations:

  • You can use it to avail of discounts on a new booking.
  • It can also be used to get Free Seats and Class Upgrades.
  • United Airlines In-flight purchases can also be made using points such as Wi-Fi, food, and beverages.
  • Passengers can also use the points for Amenities. 

International Customer Service: How to Contact United Airlines From Abroad?

United Airlines provides phone numbers for various services and countries/regions. Suppose you want to reach United Airlines customer service International. In that case, you are required to find the phone number for your country/region in the worldwide contact details available on the Contact Us page of their website. Once you have the desired number, dial it and choose the option related to your issue to connect with a related agent and resolve your case quickly. 

How Do We Communicate With United Airlines In Different Languages?

Communication is the best option to resolve an issue, but breaking the language barrier is even more critical. That's why United Airlines assists in different languages for the convenience of the passengers. You have the following language options to connect with a representative at United Airlines. 

  • French: 1-800-537-3444 ( 1 AM to 1 PM daily Central Time )
  • German: 1-800-537-2999 ( 1 AM to 5 PM daily Central Time )
  • Spanish: 1-800-426-5561 ( 24/7)
  • Italian: 1-800-537-8885 ( 1 AM to 1 PM daily Central Time)
  • Portuguese: 1-800-323-5359 ( 2 AM to 6 PM daily Central Time)
  • Japanese: 1-800-537-3366 ( 8 AM to 9 PM daily Central Time)
  • Korean: 1-800-825-2136 ( 09 AM-09 PM, Monday-Friday Central Time)
  • Dutch: 1-800-225-8612 ( 2 AM to 10:30 AM, Monday-Friday Central Time)
  • Hebrew: 1-800-225-8610 ( 11 AM to 9 PM, Monday-Friday Central Time)
  • Mandarin: 1-800-551-3062 ( 8 AM to 9 PM daily Central Time)
  • Cantonese: 1-800-551-0943 ( 8 AM to 6 PM daily Central Time)

United Airlines Customer Service: How Do I Contact For Special Assistance?

Many passengers want special assistance during their journey and seek ways to request it. Suppose you have an upcoming reservation with United Airlines, and you want to request special assistance; then you can call the accessibility desk of United Airlines by dialling 1-313-234-6992. Since this number is not toll-free, customers might need to pay call charges. Also, if you want to carry your own wheelchair, then you must fill in a wheelchair information form to provide all the details regarding its dimensions and the passenger's medical conditions. 


United Airlines Customer Service: FAQs

Ques: How do I complain to United Airlines Customer Service?

Ans: If during your flight your experience was not pleasant, then you can fill out the online complaint form of United Airlines and draw the attention of United Airlines representatives. For this, it is mandatory to obey the sequential instructions given below:

  • Go to the website of United Airlines.
  • Scroll and select the option of “Help centre.”
  • You need to click on the customer care option from the list of available options.
  • Now as you reach the United contact page, press “complaint.”
  • Tap on the related field of your complaint.
  • Soon some fields in the form are generated.
  • Passengers must fill in all the details and also describe their concerns in the message box.
  • After attaching the documents, they must click on the submit button. 

Ques: Can I book a United Airlines flight over the phone?

Ans: Flight reservations can be made by calling United Reservation Services. To book a flight, you must call United Airlines customer service to provide travel information such as travelling date, number of travellers, trip type, and boarding and landing destinations and ask them for available options. On successfully find flights, you must make a transaction online to purchase tickets. 

Ques: Is it cheaper to book United Airlines tickets at the airport?

Ans: Many ticket holders think flights are available at lower fares at the airport. The truth is as the time of flight departure approaches, the fare increases, and hence booking at the airport will end up spending more. However, there are some cases in which seats remain vacant to some destinations; hence the air carrier reduces fares; therefore, passengers might get a cheap flight at the airport. 

Ques: Does United Airlines have good customer service?

Ans: The customer services of United Airlines are quite supportive and available to answer customers' queries. If you are confused about whether the customer services of United Airlines are good or not, then you can refer to the following points:

  • Airlines provide direct assistance over calls; customers can call them according to their region and collect information regarding their booking. 
  • If they want to get immediate information or assistance, then they can select the option of virtual assistance to get through the airlines.

Ques: Is United Airlines cheap or expensive?

Ans: There are many queries regarding United Airlines flight fares and whether airlines provide expensive or cheap flights. The food of the tickets usually depends upon your travelling destination and distance. Also, ticket prices might fluctuate upon booking and travelling class date. If you book tickets in economy class, the price will be less than in Business class. 

Ques: Is the United Airlines economy comfortable?

Ans: United Airlines economy seats are comfortable and available at nominal fares. If any passenger is not happy with the economy ticket purchase, then he also has the option to upgrade to Economy Plus by paying some extra fare. He can then enjoy extra space and relax on 15 cm of extra legroom.


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