How Do I Get a Refund From Southwest Airlines?

How to Get a Refund From Southwest Airlines | Policy & Cancellation Fees

Suppose you booked with Southwest Airlines and planned to travel with this airline only. But despite that, if you at the last minute got to face a medical emergency or illness, then you are supposed to cancel your reservation because travelling under these circumstances is never recommended by the airline. Hence, cancellation of a ticket is the main priority of the passenger. In cases of Southwest Airlines tickets refund, you can easily derive the below references because from here, you can smoothly accumulate proper assistance obstacle free. 

Besides this, before you head with a ticket cancellation or refund task, you have to read the policies which are in reference to refund policies, and in case you are not able to complete the information for policies, then you should head to the call feature or online chat option from where you are going to retrieve proper guidance feasibly.

Southwest Airlines Refund: How do I Contact?

Customers even get the option for an offline way to apply for immediate refunds, and for this type of service, you must dial the telephone number 1-800-435-9792 to follow the call prompts for the refunds; you must read the following points for your reference as Get these points in consideration you will be able to gather proper assistance direct from customer care assistants.

  • Once you dialled Southwest Airlines' phone number 1-800-435-9792 

  • Then listen to voicemail command prompts as referred to below;

  • Press 1 to select the preferred language. 

  • Press 2 to reserve a new flight itinerary at Southwest. 

  • Press 3 to apply for cancelled ticket refunds.

  • Press 4 to file a claim/compensation.

  • Press 5 to rebook your flight ticket.

  • Press 7 to talk with the Southwest Airlines customer service assistant.

  • When you complete listening to the commands and press the 3rd command prompt

  • You will have to listen to on-call representative instructions of call recording for the quality check.

  • In the end, the assistant will arrive over call, and you will receive appropriate assistance for the refunds for your cancelled ticket as you need to discuss your ticket details.

Southwest Airlines Refund: How Do I Apply?

Method: 1 Apply online refunds for Southwest Airlines: The first way which enables you to receive immediate refunds is by the online steps; for that, you can follow the below-referred steps, and you will get assisted automatically.

  • Go to the official website of Southwest Airlines. 

  • After which you have to login your account with the correct credentials

  • To get online refunds, you must fill out the form, which you can easily retrieve from the manage my booking section. 

  • But for that, you will have to enter details like PNR number/booking reference code alongside entering the passenger's last name.

  • Tap over find flights button, and you onscreen get your ticket 

  • Next, select the booking and then cancel your reservation and tap over the refund tab.

  • Fill out the refund form with necessary details like trip type, class, destination/route, and select a list of queries. 

  • You need to select one appropriate reason and describe it within 1000 characters.

  • At last, tap over the submit button, and your request for refunds will get submitted, and you will receive a confirmation email and an SMS from Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Refund: Southwest Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

Before cancellation of Southwest airline ticket or refund procedure, you must get through some even points about policies over both scenarios to acquire complete details; read the below points for help.

Cancellation Policies for Southwest Airlines: 

  • According to the cancellation policy at Southwest Airlines, if you cancel a ticket within 24 hours of buying, then a full refund is eligible to avail

  • But, when ticket cancellation is processed a few hours ahead of 24 hours, you must pay the cancellation charges, which directly depend upon the route/destination.  

  • Southwest airline cancels your trip, and then you are allowed to apply for 100% refund.  

  • Moreover, if you provide medical issues or certifications for such miss-happening events, then in that case, too, you are eligible to get full refunds. 

  • Refundable and nonrefundable flight tickets are eligible for cancellation at Southwest Airlines.

Refunds Policies on Southwest Airlines:

  • All the fare types are eligible for full refunds at Southwest Airlines if they get cancelled within 24 hours of booking that too without any penalty 

  • The refunds at Southwest Airlines are reverted back the same way you paid for the ticket. For example, tickets which are purchased at the airport through check will take 20 business days, and online payment tickets will have 7-10 working days.

  • The next point is that if you cancel half of your ticket after being utilized, the remaining portion of refunds, like the unused portion, will be eligible to get refunded. 

  • In addition, if you cancel your ticket after 24 hours from purchase, you will have to pay the penalty for that, and the remaining will get refunded.

Southwest Airlines Refund: How Do I Know If My Flight Is Refundable or Not?

As long as you complete your reservation with Southwest Airlines, you will receive the complete information on the registered email address, or you will be able not to search online. Since you made a reservation online, you at that time have the option to select the filter as per your preference (refundable or nonrefundable). Once you complete the payment of the ticket, you can easily be able to check the ticket status online as well as offline. As you select the offline method, you have to dial the helpline number and tap the option to request the payment status, and you also receive the option of discussing with the expert for complete details.

Southwest Airlines Refund: Cancellation Fees

At Southwest Airlines, customers are easily offered the option to cancel their itinerary, and in cases you cancel your flight ticket at Southwest, then you are going to pay off the charges, which will be according to the itinerary type and other preferences since the cost for cancellation starts from $75 to $200 and will be applicable after you try to cancel the ticket 24 hours after purchase.

Southwest Airlines Refund: 24-Hours Cancellation Policy

  • For the nonrefundable tickets at Southwest Airlines, passengers will have to pay a $100 cancellation fee per ticket, and travel after 24 hours is counted as a penalty. 

  • In cases where you have purchased refundable flight tickets at low fare prices and if you cancel your trip within 24 hours of departure, you are eligible to receive less an administration charge equal to $150 per ticket.

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