How Many Bags Can I Take on American Airlines?

American Airlines Baggage Allowance, Fees & Policy

American Airlines baggage allowance: American Airlines provides flight services to various destinations in the world. It is certain and obvious that after making the flight reservation, the customer will have a query related to American Airlines baggage allowance during the flight journey. There are certain rules, regulations, and policies which the traveller must be known of before booking flight tickets. People can also connect with the customer support team for any queries. The details related to the bags allowed by American Airlines are mentioned here below:

  1. The standard bag allowed by the airline is 2.

  2. The maximum number of bags the airline allows is up to 10. 

  3. There are few travel destinations for which airlines will only permit carrying up to 5 bags. 

American Airlines Baggage Allowance: How Many Bags Can I Take Free?  

If the size of your baggage exceeds the specified permitted limits, then the airline will charge extra baggage fees from you for it. Airlines will charge no extra fare from you, and regular fare will be applied. The details relayed to it are mentioned here below:

  • Passengers can carry one personal item and one carry-on item for free. There will be no extra charges applicable. 

  • 1st and 2nd checked bags are within the regular fare if you have made the booking with domestic flights. 

  • Airlines will charge applicable fees for excess checked baggage, overweight and oversized bags, and sports equipment. 

American Airlines Baggage Policy:

Before boarding the flight, the passengers must be known of the American Airlines baggage policy so that they will carry the bags as per the limits specified by the airline. The significant details related to the baggage policy are mentioned here below:

  1. Limits for personal items: The travellers can carry one personal item and one carry-on bag for free. The dimensions for the personal item specified by the airline are 18*14*8 inches (45*35*20 cm). The personal item includes a small handbag or purse, which must fit under the seat in front of the passenger. Airlines will not count these items as personal items, such as diaper bags, child safety seats, breast pumps, and mobility devices. 

  2. For Carry-on bags: As per the policy of the airlines, the limit for the carry-on bag is 22 * 14 * 9 inches / 56 * 36 * 23 centimetres (also includes wheel and handles). If the size exceeds the limits, the customer will be required to pay extra fees. If the carry-on size is not up to the limits, it will be taken as a checked bag. In the case of soft garment bags, the dimensions must be up to 51 inches / 130 cm (length + width + height). Musical items are included in the list of carry-on items. 

  3. For the Chekcekd bags: No extra fees will be charged for carrying up to 2 standard bags. The limit of bags can be up to 5 or 10 bags for specified destinations. The maximum size of the bag the airline allows is 62 inches or 157 centimetres (length + width + height). The maximum weight allowed by the airlines for the economy is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms, and in the case of first / business class is 70 pounds or 32 kilograms. If the size crosses the limits, then you will be required to pay the extra fees. 

  4. Items not allowed on the flight: Airlines will not allow passengers to travel with oversized items, overweight items (more than 70lb / 32 kgs), excess bags (only two checked bags will be permitted), or boxes. The airlines will not accept boxes with more than 80 in / 203 cm. 

  5. If baggage limits exceed, the passenger will be required to pay excess baggage fees to the airline. 

  6. One can calculate the baggage fees and limits allowed by visiting the airline's official website. 

  7. In case of any delay or damage of baggage, while travelling, you can claim it from the official portal of the airline. The claim form is available on the Customer support page of the airline. 

American Airlines Baggage Allowance: Carry-on Baggage

The limits prescribed by the airlines for carry-on bags are 115 centimetres (56 * 36 * 23 cm) or (22 * 14 * 9 in). If the baggage size exceeds, you will be required to pay the fees. 

American Airlines Baggage Allowance: Checked Baggage

The weight allowed by the airlines for the checked bags is 70 lbs / 32 kgs, and in the case of the complimentary bags, the limits are 50 lbs / 23 kgs. 

American Airlines Baggage Allowance: Excess Baggage

The limits of the bag allowed by the airline must not exceed 126 in / 320 cm. And, also bags that weigh over 100 lbs / 45 kgs will not be accepted during check-in. You can only get the bags checked up to 70 lbs / 32 kgs at no extra cost. In the case of complimentary bags, airlines will not apply any of the codeshare flights. 

American Airlines Baggage Allowance: Fees

Passengers may want to know about the American Airlines Baggage Fees. The details related to the fees charged by the airline for baggage dimensions exceeding 62 in / 158 cm to 126 in / 320 cm are mentioned below:

  • In between the US, US Virgin, and Canada, airlines will charge $200. 

  • For Mexico, Guyana, and Central America (Except Panama), the excess baggage fee will be $200. 

  • The fee charged for the flight routes to Panama and South America is $150.

  • In the case of Europe and Israel also, airlines will charge $150. 

  • For China, Japan, New Zealand, Hongkong, and India, airlines will charge $200. 

  • The prices of baggage fees mentioned are not exclusive. The fees charged by the airlines of other countries will also cost between $150 to $200. 

  • The fees might also vary as per the destinations, ticket type, routes, and many other related requirements. 

American Airlines Baggage Allowance: Special Baggage

The special baggage allowance is applicable only for special items (such as sports equipment). The weight, size, and dimensions allowed by the airlines are 100 lbs / 45 kgs and 126 in / 320 cms (length + width + height). The special baggage fees are non-refundable and apply per person one way. In case of any excess weight and oversized item, you must pay the excess to the airlines. 

The Final Words

The details above will give you clarification related to the baggage policy. If you face any other queries, you can connect with the customer support team of the airline or may also choose to visit the airport. The agent of the airline will provide an accurate solution as per the issue.

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