How many bags can I take on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines baggage policy: How to avoid paying baggage fees & allowances?

Spirit Airlines is famous for the lowest flight booking service, providing convenient facilities to perfect your flight journey. You can select your baggage and choose your favourite seat during a flight booking. To make travel convenient, you must understand the Spirit Airlines baggage allowance and take limited luggage and personal items. You will collect more details about the bags you can conveniently take on Spirit Airlines.   

Spirit Airlines baggage allowance: Get details about the baggage that you can take

When you travel with at least two checked baggage, you have to pay the applicable fee per bag, which increases up to 5 bags maximum. The baggage weight should be around 18kg, and Its maximum dimensions must be 62 inches only. If you want to add the number of baggage, you can track the low prices for the carry-on and checked baggage accordingly.     

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees: How many free bags can I take?

You can make your flight journey convenient and cost-effective when you travel with one carry and one personal item. You can carry one personal item free, and your unique item should be at most 8 inches to 18 inches, including the handle and wheels. If you are travelling with checked baggage, you have to pay the charges per bag, and you can take at least five bags and pay the fee.

Spirit Airlines baggage policy: What are the size and bag weight limits?

You must consider the size and bag weight when you travel with Spirit Airlines. To get the proper size and bag weight detail, go through the points below.

  • When travelling with items like a purse or small backpack, its dimensions must not exceed 18 L 14 W 8 H in inches, including the wheels and handles.
  • Carry-on baggage size must be 22 x 18  x10
  • If you are travelling with a checked bag, it should not be 62 inches in length, Width, and Height, and the weight should be 18 kg.
  • Inches with its handles and wheels and avoid extra sizes carry on. If there is exceeded in the sizes and weights, you have to pay the charges accordingly.

Spirit Airlines baggage policy:

Spirit Airlines provides you with complete detail for the baggage and read Spirit Airlines baggage policy to make your flight journey convenient. If you wish to go through the full information, go through the policy below.  

  •  You are allowed to carry your one checked bag on the Spirit Airlines flight, and if you find more space, you can bring five bags and pay the charges.
  • Spirit Airlines lets you travel with one personal item such as a laptop, small backpack, Briefcase, and purse.
  • Your item must be small enough to store under the seat in front of you in the plane and should not exceed 18x14x8 inches. 
  • Depending on whether you have purchased it during booking, check-in, or at the airport, you have to pay the cost per bag.
  • Travelling with an overweight item should not exceed the maximum overweight limit of 23kg; the overweight charges start from 18 kg.
  •  Oversized items may not exceed 80 inches in overall dimensions, and the charges for oversize start from 63 inches.

Spirit Airlines baggage allowance: Carry-on baggage

A carry-on baggage allowance assures a maximum dimension of 22x18x10 inches or 127 centimetres, including its handles and wheels. You have to pay the fee per passenger if you exceed the following sizes of 127 centimetres.

Spirit Airlines baggage allowance: checked baggage

Checked baggage must be at least 62 inches in overall dimensions, including wheels and handles. Its weight should not exceed 18 kg, and get the free allowance in Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines baggage allowance: Excess baggage

Your carry-on should not be increased more than 127 centimetres; otherwise, you have to pay a baggage fee. If you want to travel with excess baggage and want the Spirit Airlines baggage allowance, it charges for both carry-on and checked bags.  You can travel with at least two or three pieces of baggage, and its weight should be 23 to 32 kg, and pay the charges accordingly. You can board with a maximum weight of 32 to 44 kg for third checked baggage and pay the cost. You can’t travel with a more than 45 kg bag on Spirit Airlines. 

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees:

Get details for the Spirit Airlines baggage fees you must pay according to the baggage type.

  • You have to pay $31 to $50 for carry-on baggage.
  • The baggage fee for the first checked baggage starts from $26 to $45 per bag.
  • For second-checked baggage, you must pay around $36 to $55 per bag.
  • For third to fifth checked baggage, you must pay around $81 to $100 per baggage.  

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees: International Flights

When you travel on an international flight on Spirit Airlines, you must pay the baggage fee for carrying one, around $41 to $65. For first checked baggage, pay around $36 to $65; for second baggage, pay $46; for third and fifth, pay the baggage fee at $91 per passenger conveniently. For further guidance and help regarding baggage service, contact a travel agent who can assist you properly.

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