How Many Bags Can You Take On Jetblue?

Jetblue Baggage Allowance | How To Avoid Paying Them

When a person who is going to make their booking or who has already booked a ticket with Jetblue Airways must be aware of the  Jetblue baggage allowance and policies which apply to every passenger so that you should not face any difficulties and problems at the airport regarding the limit of your luggage, with reference to this blog's detail, you can learn about the Baggage policy and allowance of Jetblue Airways reservation tickets. Per the airline guidelines, passengers can travel with carry-on bags, checked bags, and other items.

Jetblue Baggage Allowance: Baggage Policy

People are advised to read and go through the below-provided points of JetBlue's baggage terms and conditions:

  • According to Jetblue Airways baggage policy, passengers can carry one personal item and one carry-on bag for free under the carry-on luggage.
  • Passengers can also carry checked luggage or hold luggage, on which you may need to pay the fee charged if your checked bag is not included in the fare.
  • Travellers having Blue, Bluse Basic, and Blue extra fares will need to pay for the checked bag, which will increase with the number of bags checked.
  • Passengers who have tickets with Blue Plus fares can carry one bag, and Mint Fare passengers can travel with two bags, and if they increase their checked bag, then they will charge some additional bag fee.
  • Travellers carrying overweight and oversized bags will need to pay extra bag charges, which will depend on factors like weight and size of the bag.
  • Passengers travelling with sports equipment, musical instruments, or certain items will charge some applicable fee.

Jetblue Baggage Allowance: Carry-On Baggage 

Whoever is going to travel with JetBlue Airways with their Carry-on baggage should know about the carry-on bag allowances, which are mentioned below in this information:

  • In a carry-on bag, you are allowed to travel with a carry-on bag and with your personal bag.
  • Your carry-on bag dimensions can be 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 cm (56 x 36 x 23 cm), which will also include the handles and wheels of the bag.
  • Your carry-on bag should fit in the overhead bin or under your front seat.
  • Passengers' items must not exceed the weight or size limit restrictions, i.e., 41 linear inches (18 x 15 x 8 in) for A320 and E190 aircraft and 41 linear inches (17 x 13 x 11 in) for A321 aircraft.
  • Some items will not counter the Carry on baggage or personal items like jackets, diaper bags, assistive items like wheelchairs, walkers, child restraint seats, etc.
  • Your personal bag should be adjusted under your front seat and fit in the overhead bin.

Jetblue Baggage Allowance: Checked Baggage

Jetblue Airways has issued some checked baggage allowances and rules which every passenger must adhere to and follow. Some of their checked policies are below mentioned:

  • If the checked bag is not included in your fare, you will charge some applicable fees.
  • Passengers having a reservation ticket with Blue fare can carry one checked bag since it is included in their fare.
  • Passengers with a ticket with Blue Flex fare can travel with two checked bags for free, but if the number of additional bags increases, the fee will apply.
  • The maximum dimensions of checked baggage can be 62 inches or 157 cm (length+width+height).
  • The checked bag's maximum weight must be of 23 kg.

Jetblue Baggage Allowance: Excess Baggage

Passengers adding more bags to their reservation must pay the excess baggage fee on JetBlue Airways, which is $150.00. Understand the below information:

  • As per JetBlue Airways guidelines, passengers will charge for bags greater than 23 kg.
  • Only passengers carrying a 46 kg or more bag will be included as checked luggage.
  • Checked bags will not be included if it is over 50 pounds on the flights from and to - Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad, and Tobago.
  • If the passenger's checked bag size is more than 158 cm or 80 linear inches, their bag will not be accepted as a checked bag.
  • Whoever travels from and to - Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru, Trinidad, and Tobago cannot carry oversized checked bags since JetBlue Airways doesn't allow them.

Jetblue Baggage Allowance: Baggage Fees

Passengers who exceed the limit of their bag in size and weight then they will charge some extra luggage fees. The baggage fee also depends on your fare type and destination. In case you may face fees related query or trouble with your bag or wants to know any further information regarding your bag or reservation so in this case, you can directly get in touch with  JetBlue Customer Service on this phone number - 1-800-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583) by which you will get the chance to speak directly with the airline customer service representative.

  • The first bag on Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue extra fares will charge $35.00.
  • The second bag on Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue Extra fares will charge from $45.00.
  • The third or additional bag on Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Extra, and Mint fares will charge $150.00.
  • Jetblue Airways passengers are allowed to add up to 2 checked bags, for which they can pre-pay in advance at the time of online check-in 24 hours before their flight departure and will get the concession of $5 on both first checked bags.

Jetblue Baggage Allowance: Special Baggage

Sometimes people also carry special items like musical instruments, sports equipment, media bags, tripods and selfie sticks, frozen fish, shellfish, and other meats on which JetBlue Airways issues some policies and allowances. 

  • In sports equipment, passengers can travel with skis, golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey, Lacrosse equipment, etc., which can be counted as the one checked bag, but you may charge some associate fees.
  • People must remember that their meats must be packed in a leakproof container, and the maximum weight for a packet containing dry ice must be 2.5 kg.
  • Passengers carrying musical instruments only need to pay an oversized and overweight fee if they are at most 150 linear inches and 75 kg. The applicable penalty fee will be charged if they exceed the limit.

Jetblue Baggage Allowance: How Many Free Bags Can You Get on JetBlue?

Passengers are wondering how many bags they can travel with for free. Hence, as per the JetBlue Airways guidelines, travellers can carry one carry-on bag and personal items, including a laptop bag, briefcase, and purse, for free. But passengers must be reminded that their carry-on bag should be at most their specific limit; otherwise, they will charge some extra baggage penalty fee.

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