How to Avoid Baggage Fees on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees | How to Avoid Paying Them?

Alaska Airlines is one of those airlines that provides flights to a number of destinations at different times and has maintained flexible travel policies. There are many passengers who wish to avoid paying baggage fees to carry their extra luggage. If you have booked Alaska flights and you wish to travel to any foreign destination, and you have a lot of luggage, then you are supposed to go through the luggage policies set by the airline to avoid any confusion regarding your baggage. It is always essential that passengers pay extra baggage fees to the airlines. All the crucial and relevant information about Alaska Airlines baggage allowance, along with fees, is given in the subsequent section of the article.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees: Baggage Policy

Those passengers who have decided to travel via Alaska Airlines must go through the policies set by the airlines or the luggage to carry their bags. It is always better to refer to the framed policies to avoid any confusion and last-minute trouble regarding bags. If passengers wish to carry extra luggage, then they are liable to pay Alaska Airlines baggage fees and take their luggage. Some of the most important Alaska Airlines baggage policies are given below:

  • Passengers are strictly prohibited from taking any sharp objects in their bags during their journey with Alaska. Also, they must take care that nothing harmful things are found in their bags.
  • They need to be strict with the dimensions set by the airline to avoid paying baggage fees.
  • If any passenger wants to carry any medical equipment like a wheelchair or infant bag, or stroller, then he must inform the airline in advance, and he can carry it without paying any extra fares.
  • The carry-on luggage must be placed under the seats of the passengers or in the space provided in the overhead bins.
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry printers, chemicals, or toner cartridges. 
  • Liquids are not allowed in flight; therefore, passengers must restrict their liquid intake to 100 ml. 
  • You can take your medicines, mobile phones, and other relevant travel documents in your carry-on luggage. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees: Checked Baggage

If you want to travel with Alaska Airlines and have excess checked-in bags, you must be curious to know the baggage fee. You must refer to the following points to clarify your doubts:

  • If your bag weighs more than 22.6 kg, then you are supposed to pay $30 for your first bag.
  • If you are taking two bags and the weight exceeds the limit of 62 linear inches, then you are required to pay an additional fare of $40 for your second bag.
  • If the number of bags is more than 2, you must pay Alaska Airlines $100 for all additional bags as a checked baggage fee. 
  • If you are an Alaska Elite member or an Alaska credit card holder, you can skip paying the checked baggage fee. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees: Excess Baggage

Travellers are required to pay an excess baggage fee if the weight of their bags exceeds the limit set by the airlines. The fee for excess bags differs according to the weight and dimension of the bags. Also, passengers must report to the airport early to check in their luggage and pay a fee. The details of the fee to be paid by passengers for extra luggage are mentioned in the forthcoming sections. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees: Overweight Baggage

There are many travellers who carry overweight luggage to their destinations, and they often search for free carrying such items. They must take note that the airline charges approximately 100 dollars if the weight of their bags exceeds the limit. Also, if the luggage is weight exceeds the allowed limit, the luggage will be sent via cargo. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees: Oversized Baggage

There are many passengers who are confused about oversize baggage fees, and they struggle to collect relevant information regarding the same. If the size of your checked-in luggage exceeds the dimensions set by the airline, then you need to pay an extra baggage fee to Alaska Airlines. The fee might be 30 dollars to 150 dollars, depending upon numerous factors. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees: Sports Equipment Baggage Policy and Fees

If you wish to travel via Alaska Airlines and you have Sports equipment or any other additional stuff, then you can send it as checked-in luggage, and if you are curious about Sports Equipments baggage policies or fees, then you must refer to the following important points:

  • If you are carrying Kayaks, then you must take note that you are not permitted to carry beyond 115 inches in length.
  • You need to properly pack them, and if they have one paddle set, then you can attach them to Kayak and avoid paying any extra fare.
  • Alaska does not enable passengers to carry glass kayaks.
  • Scuba equipment must not be greater than 62 linear inches.
  • Only one snowboard can be carried by a passenger.
  • One surfboard and windsurfing equipment are allowed to passengers by Alaska Airlines. 

Fee for overweight sports equipment: If the size and dimension of the sports items exceed the limit set by the airlines, then passengers are required to pay an additional fare of 30 dollars to 150 dollars depending upon the sports item and ticket type.

The following sports equipment is allowed to passengers:

If you are confused about which sports equipment is allowed on Alaska flights, then you are permitted to carry any of the items from the following list:

  • Archery
  • Bicycles (non-motorized)
  • Boogie boards
  • Bowling
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Golf Clubs
  • Hockey/Lacrosse Equipment
  • Kiteboarding Equipment
  • Pole Vaults
  • Scuba Equipment
  • Skateboards
  • Skis/Snowboard
  • Surfboards/Paddle Boards
  • Windsurfing Equipment

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees: Carry Musical Instruments

If your musical instrument is small, you can take it as carry-on luggage; if the size exceeds, you can even send it as checked-in luggage. However, you might pay a fee for carrying your musical instruments. The size of musical instruments must not be greater than 150 inches. 

The fee to be paid to Alaska Airlines for carrying musical instruments:

  • If the weight of your musical instrument is less than 50 lbs or equal to it, then you can carry it without paying any extra fare.
  • If the weight is in between 51-65 lbs, then you need to pay 100 dollars.
  • If you are carrying musical bags, you must pay 100 dollars for up to 115 linear inches. 

Conclusion: All the details about Alaska flight baggage allowance are described above. Passengers must always pack their luggage following the important policies of the airlines. Still, suppose they have any questions regarding baggage allowed by the airlines. In that case, they can contact the customer care services of Alaska by dialling their official phone number and gathering baggage-related information. They must decide to contact customer care service during the morning hour to get detailed information from a live Alaska representative and skip the long wait time.

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