How to change a Delta Airlines Flight?

How to Change a Delta Airlines Flight | Policy & Charges?

Delta is an airline that treats customer satisfaction and convenience as supreme. It understands that customers might come up with different plans and have to make changes to their booking. Hence, it permits them to make any necessary changes to their booking if needed. Delta allows passengers to change their flights online as well as offline. However, they have to strictly abide by the Delta flight change policy. If you are not acquainted with the process, policy, or anything related to Delta flight changes, this article is going to help you immensely. Thus, you should go through the full article once to get a profound understanding. 

Delta Airlines Flight Change: Policy

Before learning about the flight change process, you should first understand the Delta flight change policy. The following are the rules that every customer has to follow for making any changes to their flight booking. Wade, through the following points carefully to know the flight change policy. 

  • Passengers can change their flight for free without any hassle within 24 hours of making the reservation. Also, the departure should be beyond 7 days. 
  • Delta Airlines has waived flight change fees for trips originating from the USA, the Caribbean, and Canada, provided you have booked a main cabin or higher class ticket. 
  • All basic economy tickets are non-refundable as well as non-changeable on Delta Airlines. 
  • The airline has eliminated the flight change fee on flights originating from Asia, Oceania, Israel, and India. 
  • Delta flight change fee depends on your origin and the type of ticket you have purchased. 
  • Customers who have bought their tickets from an agent or a third party should contact them for any changes to their flight. 

Delta Airlines Flight Change: How to Change?

So now that you know the flight change policy, let's proceed to understand the ways to do so. Both online and offline processes have been discussed in this article. 

The step-by-step online flight change guide:

With everything being shifted online, customers are more inclined towards the online flight change process. It is hassle-free, saves time, and can be done with just a few clicks. To change your Delta flight online, stick to the steps listed below. 

  • As a commencing step, you have to go to Delta’s official website. The link for the same is
  • In the next step, you are supposed to click the ‘My Trips’ tab on the homepage. 
  • You can choose to log in with your confirmation, ticket, or credit/debit card number. 
  • Enter your credentials and last name to retrieve your booking. 
  • Your flight details will appear. Select the ‘change’ option from the menu below. 
  • Select flight change as the sub-topic, and a brief form will open. Mention the changes that you wish to make and save the changes. 
  • You must pay the fare difference and filth change fee, if any. 
  • Eventually, your flight will be changed, and you will receive a confirmation email soon.

The offline Delta flight change process:

In this method, you are supposed to contact Delta customer service. It is also a convenient method for those who are not well-versed in the online process. You can call Delta’s official phone number 1 (800) 212-1212. An automated IVR menu will be heard after making the call. Select an appropriate IVR option, and you will soon be connected with a representative. Inform them about your concerns and also provide the details they ask for. Mention the changes that you wish to make and answer any follow-up questions. They will help you out in the process properly. In the end, you should pay the fare difference and also the flight change fee if applied.

Delta Airlines Flight Change: Same Day Flight Change Policy

Sometimes customers have to change their flight on the same day as departure, which is known as same-day flight changes. These changes are subject to certain rules and restrictions. To know the Delta same-day flight change policy, read the following points. 

  • Same–day changes are not permitted for every customer or flight.
  • Passengers who are flying within Puerto Rico and the United States of America are allowed to change their flight on the day of departure. 
  • International and basic economy tickets are ineligible for same-day flight changes. 
  • All same-day flight changes are subject to flight and seat availability. 
  • If there is a seat available in the originally booked fare class, you can get a confirmed seat on a new flight. 
  • If you cannot get a confirmed seat in the same-day change, you can choose to wait for a seat on an earlier flight. 

Delta Airlines Flight Change: Charges to Change a Flight

Customers with a non-refundable ticket can change their flight for a fee of 0 to 400 USD. Remember that the flight change fee depends on the travel route and the fare difference. On the other hand, customers with a refundable ticket have the liberty to change their flight free of cost. 

Delta Airlines Flight Change: How to Avoid the Flight Change Fee?

Flight change fees can cost you heavily sometimes. Customers usually look for ways to escape the flight change fee. If you are one of them, pay attention to the listed tips. By keeping these points in mind, you can avoid the Delta flight change fee

  1. Medical or Family emergency: if you have to change your flight due to any medical emergency or family issues, you can request the airline to waive your change fee. 
  2. Utilize Miles: with every flight, Delta awards certain mile points to passengers. These can be used for more than a single purpose. Passengers can use their miles to waive the flight change fee. 
  3. 24-hour window: as mentioned in the Delta flight change policy, customers can change their flight for free within 24 hours of reservation. To avoid the fee, make sure to make any changes within 24 hours after the booking. 
  4. Become a member: customers who have the loyalty program of Delta Airlines are allowed to make free flight changes. Hence, if you are a member of Delta’s loyalty program, you have the liberty to change your flight free of cost. 

Delta Airlines Flight Change: Flight Change Using Miles

If you have enough miles in your account, you can easily utilize them for flight changes. Apart from this, you can use miles for other purposes such as flight bookings, hotel booking, car rentals, etc.


Delta Airlines Flight Change: FAQs

Ques: What is the Delta Change Fee?

Ans: If the traveller wants to change or reschedule the reservation, they must know that the airlines will charge some extra fee for the proceedings. The change fee amount will be around $0 to $400, and the fees will depend upon the travel route, distance, ticket type, and many more. So, before initiating the change flight procedure, the traveller must be known the change fee and the policy of the airlines.

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