How Do I Contact LATAM Customer Service?

LATAM Airlines Customer Service: Everything You Need to Know

The passengers can connect with LATAM customer service by creating a case through the airline's official website. The link for the same is provided under the Help Center page of Latam Airlines, which has two major choices to choose from:

  • Register a complaint for the issue being faced.
  • Make a request for the assistance required. 

Through the requisite put forth, the passenger can ask for the help that is needed by them in case the situation arises for the same. The team with the airline would thoroughly check the details shared and then extend their support accordingly. 

How Do I Call LATAM Airlines?

The best mode to make an instant connection with the airline is through a call on the LATAM phone number, which is a convenient method to talk to a real person. They can follow through the methodological process given here as follows, which serves as the best technique to place a call:

  • Leaf through the Latam Airlines' official website.
  • Scroll on the main page to find the Help Center link at the top end and click on it. 
  • Navigate to the next page displayed and click on the telephone number link given to access the contact directory with the airline. 
  • Dial to connect at 1 866 435 9526 and follow the IVR process:
  • Press 1 to make a requisite for mobility packages.
  • Press 5 for asking guidelines for children travelling alone.
  • Press 7 if you want to make a group booking. 
  • Press 9 in case you need to cancel with the airline. 

How Do I Chat With LATAM? 

The team with LATAM customer support can use the chat with the airline through WhatsApp Support provided to the passenger. The steps to find WhatsApp assistance are quite simple and given here:

  • Pore over the details on the webpage of Latam Airlines. 
  • The passenger needs to choose the Help Center icon in the various links provided by the headline. 
  • The passenger will find the WhatsApp link on the subsequent page shown.
  • Initiate the chat with the virtual assistant available through the same and get responses accordingly.

How Do I Contact LATAM By Email?

If the LATAM customer service number is not connected on call, a passenger could email the team at The content of the mail should contain all the details and attachments for the requisite that needs to be made so that the team with the airline can review it and find the best solution possible.

How to Use the Contact Form to Submit Inquiries or Complaints?

The passengers who have travelled with the airline and during the travel faced an issue with the airline or may be unhappy with the services offered on the flight. You might want to register your complaint with the airline. To report a complaint to the airline, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Latam Airlines.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on Contact Us and select the Complaint option. 
  • On the next page, you will get a complaint form.
  • Fill out the form with the asked details and mention your contact information.
  • Describe your concern in the comment box and submit the form.
  • The airline may contact you through a phone call to further discuss your concern in brief.

LATAM Mobile App Support: How to Use It For Customer Service Inquiries and Support?

Most Airlines support their passengers through mobile apps, and Latam is one airline that offers various services through the Latam App. Travellers can enjoy several facilities through the app, but customer support is one of the key services that passengers can enjoy on their app. All they need to do is to go to the Latam Airlines customer support on the app and choose the best option to get a from the airline as per their choice. Now, continue with the on-screen instructions to get a human to talk to. You can also avail of their FAQ option, where you have to put your question, and you will have instant solutions.

How Can I Contact LATAM Through Social Media?

Do you have any plans to make your booking with Latam Airlines in the coming times? If yes, you might be looking for the best deals for your journey. The airline advises you to get Latam Airlines customer service and inform yourself of the best flight deals. You can follow their social media page. Here, you will easily get a person from the airline to chat. All you need to do is follow their social media account and say Hi to the agent in the chat. You will also get the latest updates on their new and exciting deals from their posts.

How to Contact LATAM Airlines From Abroad?

Latam is a Chilean-based airline, but it operates around the world. Passengers who have booked their travel from outside of Chile might want to get the local number of that country because the customer support team of Chile may not be able to provide you with accurate information about the booked flight from abroad. If you are outside the country, you need to dial Latam Airlines international customer service number 56 2 2579 8990, select your preferred language, and talk to the agent.

Details on the LATAM contact information:

Refer to the disparate contact particulars given: 

  • Phone Number for Baggage; lost and found: 573188449482
  • Contact Numbers for different countries with Latam Airlines:

Costa Rica:

Calling Number: 25397432

WhatsApp Number:+56 9 68250850

  • Colombia:

Calling Number: 601 - 5185800

WhatsApp Number:+56 9 68250850

  • Germany:

Calling Number: 0 800 627 0976

For North America 

Canada: 1 888 235 9826

United States: 1 866 435 9526

Mexico: 01 800 272 0330

For South America 

Argentina: 08003459410

Bolivia: 59150153985

Brazil: 0300 570 5700

Chile: 600 526 2000

Peru: 01) 213 8200

For Europe 

Germany : 0 800 627 0976

Spain: 800000304 

France : 0 185 148 725

United Kingdom: 0800 026 0728

How Do I Complain To LATAM?

The passenger can complain to the airline by creating a case for the same. They first need to select a category and fill in their email to proceed. The subsequent page would provide the form to fill in all the necessary details and make the submission. The customer support team with the airline would then revert back for the redressal of the issue. 

How to Communicate With LATAM Airlines in a Different Language?

Suppose you have made a booking with the airline and now want to get support from their customer support team to know several things about your booking which can help you to board the flight easily. However, you may not be fluent and comfortable in English and thus looking to get Latam Airlines customer support in your tongue. To get support in your local language, follow the steps below:

  • Head to the official page of Latam Airlines.
  • Click on Contact Us, and at the bottom of the page, you can check out telephone numbers. 
  • Click on it and get the multiple numbers of different countries.
  • Select your country and get the official number from here.
  • Dial the number and get a representative from the airline to help you in your local language. 

LATAM Response Times: Response Times of Customer Service Channels and How Urgent Inquiries are Prioritized

Latam supports its passengers through various channels. Travelers may have to wait a little to get a response. The response times can differ with the choice of your communication channel. They are suggested to select the calling option to get the quickest response. The average wait time is an hour. Whereas if you select the email option, you may have to wait 24 hours to get a response from the airline. The airline prioritizes the queries of the passengers whose departure time is near, and a special member from the airline assists them. You also get to contact the airline representatives with the associated query and get your query resolved in less time. 

LATAM Customer Service Hours: Operating Hours of LATAM Customer Service

Latam Airlines provides assistance to its passengers 24 hours a day and seven days a week through various communication channels. However, if you are in Italy, France, and Germany, you cannot communicate with them 24/7. They operate between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM from Monday to Friday, and Weekends are off in these countries. But, you may get the calling lines busy due to heavy traffic, and thus, you are advised to call during the morning. 

LATAM PASS Customer Service: How LATAM Pass Members Can Access Dedicated Customer Service Support?

Latam Pass is a program where passengers can earn points on ticket purchases from credit cards, and these points can be redeemed later for flight booking or to add other services to your ticket. If you have earned enough points now and want to know how to use or redeem these points for flight booking, then you are advised to get LATAM pass customer service on the line by dialling 1 866 435-9536 and their representatives to get the necessary help. 

How Passengers With Special Needs Can Contact LATAM For Assistance?

If you are travelling with the airline and you want to contact the airline for a particular case. The airline prioritises such cases and thus suggests its passengers call the concerned authority related to your query. Here is what one needs to do to get the number for special assistance:

  • Visit the official page of Latam Airlines.
  • Click on the Help Center option and select the special assistance option.
  • Now, select the reason to contact the airline and get the official number accordingly.
  • Dial the number and listen to the pre-recorded voicemail.
  • Wait for the voicemail to end and talk to the agent related to your concern. 

What Kind of Issues Can LATAM Customer Service Resolve?

Once you connect with the Latam customer service then, you can raise issues related to flight cancellations, delays, lost or damaged luggage, and rebooking or rescheduling flights. The airline also provides help in case of baggage allowance, travel documents, and flight schedules. You can resolve all these issues and many others by connecting with the customer service executive. 

What Information Should You Have Ready Before Calling LATAM Customer Service?

You have to be ready before calling Latam customer service with these documents, which are relevant and make the process easier. These are the information flight details, booking confirmation number, travel dates, passenger's names, and any issues or concerns you are experiencing. Because at the time of resolving the queries, there should not be any kind of hackle or disturbance that can make your process slower. So feel free to connect with the Latam team and get a positive response from the executive. 

How Do I Request a Callback From LATAM? 

Through phone: You can request a callback from Latam through a phone call, where you need to dial the 2toll free number. Following that, you will connect with the IVR instructions. Follow the instructions and choose the requesting a call back option. After that, your phone will be automatically disconnected, and after some time, you will get a call back with your details from the airline customer service executive.

Through call back form: you can get a call back by filling out the callback form. You need to fill out the form with the necessary details, like your personal details and contact details, and submit to the airline. With the call-back form, attach the supportive documents on the basis that your query will be discussed with the executive, who will resolve it completely. Within a few hours, you will receive a call from an executive of Latam Airlines. 

Through chat: you can text your issue with the LATAM online assistant, and the chat assistant will verify your information and then forward it to the airline authority, from where you will get the call back at your side. The chat assistant is virtually designed so that you can get access to it anytime without any hassle, as there is no need to provide your details. Instead, the chat person will connect you with the live person. 

So these are ways to put a latam callback request and get the appropriate guidance from the airline personnel. You need to keep some patience while receiving the callback. 

LATAM Airlines Center: What is LATAM Physical Address?

The Latam airline is located at the Pdte. Riesco 5711, 20th floor. Las Condes Santiago, Chile. You can reach out to the airline office and connect with the staff who will help you find the best possible help related to your problem. 

LATAM Customer Service: Other Ways to Contact the LATAM Airline

The passengers booking with the airline and wanting to get a person but failing to interact over a phone might be looking for other options to contact the airline. Here are some of the alternatives to the call that the passengers can use to talk to the agent:

Chat- Chat is the first and the most common option for most passengers if the calling option is not working. Their chat executive is available to reply to your messages 24/7. To initiate a chat with the agent, follow the steps as described below:

  • Jump onto the official website of Latam Airlines.
  • Click on Contact Us and tap on the chat logo on the page's right corner.
  • It will get you a chat window on the screen with several queries.
  • Select your query and continue to answer the bot-generated questions. 
  • If you do not get your query listed in the chat window or if the bot cannot provide you with a solution, ask for a real person in the chat to assist you. 

WhatsApp- Another option that a passenger can go for is WhatsApp. Latam tries to provide its passengers with as many channels as possible. WhatsApp is one such option that can be used to interact with the passengers. It will likely be the same as live chat, but here, you do not have to face a bot first. To get a WhatsApp agent, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official site of Latam Airlines.
  • Click on Contact Us and tap on Virtual Attention via WhatsApp.
  • Get a QR code on the next page with instructions on one side of the screen.
  • Scan the code and follow the instructions to say Hi to the agent. 
  • Once you get the reply from their agent, continue to chat regarding your concern.

Email- Another option to interact with Latam's agent is email. It is one of the least chosen options yet an effective way to register a complaint. If you have travelled with the airline and want to report an issue through email, follow the steps below:

  • On Latam Airlines' official page, locate the Contact Us option.
  • Tap on the Email Us and get an email form on the next page.
  • Complete the form with flight details and mention the contact information.
  • Describe your concern in the comment box and submit the form.
  • They may get back to you to discuss your concerns in brief.   

Some Tips For Smooth Interaction With LATAM Airlines Customer Service

Here are the tips that you can consider while smoothly interacting with the Latam Airlines custom service and those are you need to be clear and subtle while telling your problem.

  • Get all the relevant information and documents before communicating with customer service.
  • You need to be respectful and patient so that you can receive clear information regarding the airline. 
  • You have to check the conversation with the Latam team for future reference. 

For further details, you can rely on this article and keep filling in the latam airline to retrieve all kinds of necessary details at your side. 

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