How Much Luggage is Allowed on Qantas?

Qantas Baggage Allowance: What is Qantas Airlines Baggage Allowance?

After the tickets have been booked with Qantas Airlines, your main concern is the baggage allowance so that you can prepare the luggage accordingly. If you make any mistakes while packing your luggage, you might end up being declined entry at the time of check-in. However, this is the reason that you must have all the knowledge of the Qantas baggage allowance so that you will be well aware of everything beforehand and everything will become convenient for you. You can pack the bags effortlessly and according to the baggage policy to avoid inconveniences. 

How Much Carry-on Luggage is Allowed on Qantas?

If you are looking for the baggage details to prepare your luggage accordingly, you should first know that the baggage allowance during the journey is divided into three sections. One is called checked baggage, and the other two are carry-on and with personal items. Carry-on luggage allowance has been mentioned below:

  • The carry-on luggage is supposed to be brought to the flight and should be handier.
  • The weight for the carry-on luggage that the Airline allows is 7 kg for the economy class, and for the Premium Class, it will be 10 kg.
  • The size of the bags should not exceed 56 x 36 x 23cm for 7 kg and 60 x 11 x 114cm for 10 kg. 
  • Business and First class passengers are allowed to bring 14 kg of baggage.

How Much Checked Baggage is Allowed on Qantas?

The checked baggage is the main luggage that is not required during the journey and will be transported by the Airline. These bags will not be with you on the flight, so you can put all the materials that are not required during the journey. Let us discuss the Qantas baggage policy for a better journey: 

Qantas Excess Baggage: the baggage allowance is different for all the classes, and it has been mentioned below accordingly:

  • Economy Class - if you are travelling in Economy Class, you can carry one bag of 23 kg.
  • Business Class - With business class bookings, it will be more convenient, and you can have two bags of 23 kg.
  • First Class - While traveling in First Class bookings, you are allowed to have two pieces of bag up to 32 kg. 
  • The size of all these bags must not exceed the limit of total dimensions of 158 cm, that is 62 inches. 

Qantas Sports Equipment Allowance

You can get your sports equipment and carry them on the flight. However, you have to follow some restrictions; we have discussed all the guidelines that the Airline has issues with for different types of sports equipment: 

  • Bicycles - the bicycles must be packed properly in the box so that they stay safe and protected during the journey. You can buy the bicycle boxes from the Qantas Airlines terminals. With a length of 140cm (55in), width of 30cm (12in), and height of 80cm (32in), the bicycles will be allowed.
  • Snowboard - You cannot carry no more than one pair of skyboards. These should be packed in the ski bag for safety. You have to pay the extra baggage fee if the skiboard addition exceeds the limit. 
  • Fishing Rods - Your fishing rods must be contained and prevented in a PVC cylinder. These rods can be saved in the bags, and the length must now exceed 277cm (109in).
  • Scuba Diving Gears - This can be carried with the checked baggage, and if the baggage allowance limit is exceeded, you have to pay the extra baggage fee. All the items, such as face mask, snorkel and fins (pair), harness and safety vest, knife and spear gun, regulator and pressure gauge, tank and weight belt, etc., can be carried after properly being checked. 

Qantas Baggage Fee

The Airline has set a limit for the baggage allowance, and if under any circumstances you cross this limit, you have to pay the access baggage fee. This fee varies for different classes, destinations, and ticket types. However, the Qantas baggage fees range from $50 to $200. The payment can be made online by going to the official website of the airline. 

How Many Kg of Baggage is Allowed on Qantas?

The airline lets you carry bags of different weights. If you are getting the luggage within the limitations set by the Airline, then you do not have to pay the fee. The minimum weight of the baggage that is allowed starting from the Economy class is 23 kg, which can exceed to 66 kg for the Gold members of the Frequent Flyer Program travelling in the First Class. Therefore, it depends on the class and whether you are connected with the Airline programs or not. 

How Much Luggage Can I Take on Qantas International?

Starting from 23 kg, the Airline allows you to carry 32 kg of baggage. If you exceed the limit, whether because of the sports equipment or the extra bags, then you have to pay the extra baggage fee that will be required according to your journey details. If you have any more queries, then you can get to the airline's customer service and ask for help. 

How Do I Contact Qantas Baggage Services?

If you have any queries or problems related to your baggage allowance, then you can get in touch with Qantas customer service. You just have to dial 1300-306-980, Qantas baggage contact number so that the representatives can help you with all your queries. The executives will listen to your problems carefully and resolve them instantly to make your journey comfortable. 

How Do I Claim Delayed Baggage on Qantas?

If you have not received your luggage from Qantas Airlines, then you can get to the helpdesk for the Qantas delayed baggage claim. Therefore, the customer service will be enlightened about it properly and will be able to help you accordingly. We have gone through the steps that will help you claim your luggage at the Airport: 

  • Get to the helpdesk of Qantas Airlines available at the Airport.
  • Then, share your journey details with the executives and inform them about your delayed baggage.
  • The executives will provide you with a form that needs to be filled in properly and then be submitted to the helpdesk.
  • You have to fill out all the details of your bags in the form with some ticket information. 
  • The Airline representatives will inform you when you can receive your luggage, or they will send it to your home.
  • The time for the delayed baggage to arrive might take 3 to 5 business days. 

Conclusion: We have gone through all the terms and conditions that are connected with the baggage allowance policy. If you are preparing the luggage, keep all these points in mind. For further Qantas baggage services, get to the official website of Qantas Airlines. 

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