How Much Baggage Is Allowed On Turkish Airlines?

What is the baggage Allowance on Turkish Airlines?

Many travellers travel via Turkish Airlines to several destinations and are curious about travel information, including baggage allowance. If you have made a reservation on Turkish Airlines and wish to know the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance, then you can collect all the relevant information from the next section. You must also note that you restrict and follow important baggage policies set by Turkish Airlines to avoid any last-minute trouble. 

General Baggage Policy of Turkish Airlines:

If you wish to travel on Turkish Airlines, then you must always go through important baggage policies set by the airlines to avoid any trouble while at the airport. Some of the important Turkish Airlines baggage policies are given below:

  • You are expected to carry your luggage under the limit set by the airlines.
  • If the weight or dimension of your luggage exceeds the set limit, you are required to make an additional payment to Turkish Airlines.
  • You are not allowed to carry any harmful products or sharp objects on Turkish Airlines flights. 
  • You must restrict your intake of liquids to 100 ml.
  • If you want to take any sports equipment or medical instruments, then you need to send them as checked-in luggage and must pay an additional payment for the same. 
  • First aid bags and dry ice cannot be taken as cabin luggage and can be sent as checked-in luggage. 
  • The handles or other extensions must be included in the limit set by airlines.
  • Your cabin luggage must fit in the overhead bin space. 
  • Musical instrument's weight must not be more than 75 kg and must be under the limit of 140X42X25 cm.

How Many Free Checked Bags Are On Turkish Airlines?

If you are travelling on Turkish Airlines and you wish to know how many free checked bags can be taken for your journey, then you must refer to the following points:

  • Passengers are allowed to carry two checked-in bags on Turkish Airlines.
  • You are liable to carry one personal item like a handbag, laptop bag, or small backpack for free.
  • If you are travelling with an infant, then you can also carry an infant bag for free.
  • Those passengers who have any medical issues can carry mobility devices or wheelchairs on Turkish Airlines flights for free.
  • Strollers can also be carried by passengers for free. 

Turkish Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance:

Turkish Airlines enables travellers to take carry-on luggage and check-in luggage to their destinations. Passengers must refer to the following carry-on baggage allowance rules set by Turkish Airlines. 

  • You are only allowed to carry one bag whose dimensions must not exceed the limit of 23x40x55.
  • The weight of carry-on luggage must not be more than 8 kg for economy class.
  • You are also permitted to carry one additional bag whose dimensions must be under the limit: 40x30x15.
  • The weight of your personal item must not be more than 4 kg.
  • Travellers who have booked business class tickets are permitted to take 2 carry-on bags and one personal item.
  • The baggage allowance for infants for Turkish Airlines domestic and international flights is 8 kg. 

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance:

Sometimes many travellers have large luggage to be carried to their destinations on Turkish Airlines. These customers can take their bags as checked-in luggage apart from cabin luggage. 

Customers who have purchased turkish airlines tickets and are confused about checked baggage allowance then you must refer to the following points:

  • You are allowed to carry a checked-in bag whose weight must be under 23 kg for economy class.
  • If you are travelling in Business class, then you can take luggage up to 32 kg.
  • The total dimensions of checked-in bags must be 158 cm.
  • If you are travelling with an infant, you can take 10 kg with your luggage. 

Turkish Airlines Sports Baggage Allowance:

Many travellers travel via Turkish Airlines for sports events and wish to know about sports baggage allowance. If you are also travelling to attend any sports event and you have sports equipment, then you must go through the following important rules and points:

  • You are only permitted to take your sports equipment as checked-in luggage.
  • You are required to pay an additional fee to carry your sports equipment.
  • Passengers travelling with Turkish Airlines are only permitted to take 32 kg; if their luggage's weight exceeds, they must split their products into two parts and pay for both items individually.
  • You must take special care while packing your sports equipment, and it must be packed in case. These sports equipment must not be placed in a baggage belt during check-in. 

Turkish Airlines Excess Overweight, Oversize Baggage Fees:

If you have booked Turkish Airlines tickets and wish to know overweight or oversized baggage fees, you must note that the fee depends on your bag's weight, dimension, and size. 

  • If you are travelling in economy class and the weight of your bags exceeds more than 23 kg, then you must pay $80 as an additional bag fee.
  • Passengers are not allowed to add extra baggage for infants.  
  • If you travel on a student discount, you must pay $0.75 for one kg of extra luggage.
  • If you are a Turkish peace force soldier, you must pay $.75 for an additional one kg weight. 

How Many Bags Are Allowed In The Cabin Of Turkish Airlines?

Many passengers are confused about the baggage allowed by Turkish Airlines in the cabin. Suppose you also have similar confusion and wish to know how many bags can be taken in the cabin. In that case, you must note you are allowed to carry one piece whose weight must be under 8 kg in economy class, while business class travellers are allowed to carry two bags whose combinational weight must be under 16 kg. 

How Much Baggage Is Allowed On Turkish Airlines International Flights?

Many travellers book Turkish Airlines tickets for international destinations, and these passengers are worried about baggage allowed for international flights. Suppose you are also confused about the same and thinking about how many bags are allowed for your international destinations. In that case, you must note that baggage allowance depends upon your travelling class and fare type. You can carry one cabin bag and one personal bag in economy class while 2 checked-in bags in Business class.

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