How Do I Select Seats on United Airlines?

United Airlines Seat Selection: How to Choose the Best Seat

United Airlines is known for its exceptional customer service and comfortable seating arrangements. Whether you have already made a reservation or are planning to do so, you can select your desired seat and enjoy a comfortable journey with United Airlines. If you are unaware of the United Airlines seat selection process, you can follow the below procedure to choose your preferred seats.

United Airlines Seat Selection: Step-by-Step Guide

As you know, you have the option to select the seats as per your preference, and you can travel without any worries about your comfort. If you are planning to make the reservation and book the seats along the reservation, you can use the steps below and make an advance booking for your seats.

The online process:

The online process is the most effective way to make any changes or add any service to your flight tickets. Use the points given below to book your preferred seats in advance.

  • You need to proceed with the same process as you would normally book your flight tickets online.
  • You need to first go to the official home page of United Airlines.
  • Select the destinations along with the dates.
  • You can choose various other options, such as:

    • The type of ticket: one-way, round ticket, and multi-city.

    • The class of your flight tickets.

    • And other filters you can use to search for your flight tickets.

  • Give the details and click on the seat flight option.
  • Now, when you are on the following page, you can select the flight as per your desire.
  • Proceed to the payment. Before that, you will have to provide the passenger details.
  • Make the payment and proceed with the on-screen process to get the tickets.
  • You will receive the flight tickets in your registered email address. 

How Do I Select My Seat on United After Booking?

If you already have a United Airlines reservation and are looking for a way to select the seats, you can use the online website. The following are the step-by-step procedures to book your seats on United Airlines after reservation.

The online process:

  • You need to open the official website of United Airlines.
  • Then click on the "My Trips" tab.
  • Enter the booking reference code/ number and the passenger's last name.
  • You can get the flight information when you are on the following page.
  • Click on the Select Seat option.
  • Then, the seat map will be displayed.
  • You can select the seat from the available seats.
  • Make the seat selection charge if required.
  • Lastly, you will get notified about the seat confirmation on your email address.

In case you have made the reservation with a third party or travel agent, you can call the travel agent and see what can be done. The above process can only be used if you have made a reservation using the online website of United Airlines. 

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What Are The Levels of Seats on United Airlines?

There are various United Airlines seat levels available. Here is the list of levels you need to know. The perks and benefits of each level are given below. You can choose seats according to your desire.

  • United Polaris
  • United First (Domestic)
  • United Business (transcontinental domestic, Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • United Premium Plus (premium economy)
  • United Economy Plus
  • United Economy
  • United basic economy

You might be wondering why there are three different names for economy. Even Though it is economy class, there are a lot of differences between each of the various economy classes. You can go through the points that are given below and select according to your desire. Each seat level has various benefits and features, and all the information on each seat level is given for your reference.

United Polaris: United Polaris has flat pod seats, giving you comfortable and luxurious experiences. You also get various other perks, such as free access to the lounge.

United First (domestic): All the seats are leather recliners. Best for domestic destinations.

United Business (transcontinental domestic, Latin America, and the Caribbean): The seats are very similar to United First domestic but for the flight for Latin America and the Caribbean.

United Premium Plus (premium economy): The seats are present at the front of the airline, and you get plenty of room for your legs, elbow space, and the recliner. You also get various other facilities such as power outlets and USB chargers.

United Economy Plus: Unlike other economy seats, these seats provide legroom.

United economy: Regular seats with free carry-on and preferred seat selection.

United basic economy: Cheapest of all the seat levels but has many restrictions. Make sure to read all the restrictions before selecting to avoid any inconvenience at the time of boarding.

How Can I Upgrade My Seat On United Airlines?

Passengers can use the miles. Money or miles with money to upgrade the flight tickets. You have various options to upgrade your seats. You can use:

  • At the time of reservation
  • After the reservation
  • At the time of check-in
  • At the gate

You can use the online website to upgrade your seats. If not, you can get the help of customer service and make the seat upgrade.

How Do I Change My Seat Preferences on The United App?

You can use the "My Trip" option to make the seat changes. The following are the steps to change the seats.

  • Open the United Airlines application on your phone.
  • Enter the reference number and your last name.
  • Click on the select section and change the seat.
  • Charges may or may not apply.
  • Follow the on-screen procedure to confirm.

If you are unable to do so, contact the United Airlines customer service department, explain the situation, and get help.

Wrapping Up:

You can go through the above context to know everything about the seats on United Airlines. One can also go through the help page to get a brief explanation of each of the seats to get further information if needed.


United Airlines Seat Selection: FAQs

Ques: What are the preferred seats on United?

Ans: The preferred seats are available at the front of the airline, a few rows behind the United Economy Plus seats. You can choose These regular ones when you are travelling with United Airlines on a budget.

Ques: What happens if you don't buy a seat on United?

Ans: You do not have to worry if you are unable to select the seats. The airlines will assign you at the time of check-in if you have not selected the seats already.

Ques: How can I get free seats on United Airlines?

Ans: Generally, there is no United Airlines seat selection price, and the seats can be selected for free both for international and domestic destinations. You will only need to make the charges if you need to make a seat upgrade.

Ques: What is the fee to choose a seat on United?

Ans: You do not have to make any extra charge to select seats if available. If you need to upgrade your seats, you might have to make the charges, or if you have miles, you can use the miles points.


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