What is the Baggage Allowance For Alaska Airlines?

Guidance For Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance and Fees

When you are travelling with the airline and for that, you need to get the information related to the baggage; here are the following details that assist you in knowing the Alaska Airlines baggage allowance. There are different types of luggage which are carry-on baggage and checked baggage. In this article, you will easily find all the details, and below are the following that are mentioned:-

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance: Carry-On Baggage

For the carry-on baggage, all the passengers are allowed to carry one carry-on bag and personal bags like purses, briefcases, or laptop bags. And the dimensions of the baggage size limit are changed to 22" x14" x9", and these dimensions are included with wheels and handles. You have to make sure of the size before flying. 

Still, you are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item for the smooth boarding process, and if you carry the limited-size bag, it is easy to match into the aloft compartment or under the chair in front of you. 

You are allowed to get one carry-on-sized luggage with the max. Dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9 inches, or 45 linear inches with wheels or handles that are free of cost. 

Also, carry one small personal item like a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag and some medical requirements that are allowed on board.

Moreover, here is the lap infant carry-on policy that you need to know. These are not entitled to their own carry-on allowance, so the things will count on the standard carry-on limit of adult passengers. 

For the stroller gate check policy, the transportation of a child's car seat to the stroller is free of charge as checked baggage and checked at the gate area.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance: Checked Baggage

There are so many baggage policies that a passenger needs to know, and for the checked baggage allowance, there are some through which the rules and fees are in effect:-

The Alaska airline flight ticket fees can be paid during the online check-in, from the check-in kiosk, or at any of the ticket counters. There are some items that are exempt from baggage charges, like car seats, strollers, and mobility aids. 

If you need baggage fee waivers, they only apply to selected guests like Alaska airline credit card holders, elite-level mileage plan members, and US military personnel. If your baggage overextends the size or weight allowance, then you are entitled to additional fees for the luggage. 

There are some charges that apply to the checked baggage when the size and weight maximise, and below are the details:-

For domestic flights:-

  • In economy, the first bag charge is $30, the second bag charge is $40, and 3+ bag charges are $100 each. 

  • In first class- the first and second bags are free of cost, and the third bag's charge is $100 each. 

For Alaska state:-

The first, second, and third bag charges are free of cost, and 4+ bag charges are $100 each. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance: Excess Baggage

If the baggage that you need to carry is additional or excess of the baggage allowance, then for that you need to know what which are mentioned below, and you have to follow them, below are the following that said:-

  • For each additional piece of luggage, like more than 3+ bags then, the charges are $100 each. 

  • The overweight fee is $100 for bags 51 to 100 pounds which is 23 to 45 kg. 

  • The oversized prices are $100 for bags 63 to 115 inches, like 158 to 292cm.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance: Baggage Fees

Are you here to get to know about the Alaska Airlines baggage fees? Then for that, below are the following all the details that are mentioned, and you have to follow them till the end; follow all the mentioned alaska airlines baggage fees:-

  • For those passengers who are eligible Alaska airline visa cardholders, the baggage fees are for the first free, the second bag fee $40, and 3+ bags $100. 

  • For Alaska Airlines visa business cardholders, the baggage fees for the first bag are free, the second bag is $40, and for 3+ bags, the costs are $100. 

  • For the world elite Mastercard cardholder, the baggage fees for the first bag are free, the second bag is $40, and the 3+ bag charges are $100. 

  • Passengers who travel in first class and then the first and second baggage are free of cost; for 3+ bags, charges are $100. 

  • For MVP and MVP Gold level mileage plan members, the charges for first and second bags are free; for 3+ bags, the costs are $100. 

  • For MVP gold 75k and MVP gold 100K level mileage plan members, the baggage allowance charges for the first and second bags are free of cost, and the third bag is free in additional bags fees is $100. 

  • Ruby and Sapphire members, the first and second bags are free, and 3+ bags are $100 each. 

  • The first and second bag fees are free for Emerald members, and 3+ bags are $100. 

  • For Club 49 members, the first and second bag charges are free, and 3+ bag charges are $100. 

  • The customer is ticketed for travel solely within the state of Alaska; then, the baggage allowance is for the first 3 bags. The charges are free, and the additional bags charge is $100. 

  • For active duty US military personnel, the baggage charges of the first 5 bags are free, and for additional, the costs are $100 each. 

  • Also, for active duty US military dependents, the charges are first 5 bags free of cost, and for additional, the fee is $100. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance: Special Baggage

To know the special baggage allowance, you need to know what counts in special baggage for that items like children’s seats and strollers, medical equipment, sports equipment, heavy or bulky luggage, and many more. 

All items are counted in one baggage, and there are many different charges for all the things, and many things are free of cost to carry. You can take a particular item, and the charges depend on the item. The special items that have these things:-

  • When the bag has a unique size or shape. 

  • The load exceeds 50 lb, like 23 kg, and 62 linear inches is 157 cm (length+ width + height). 

  • If the pack contains items that are needed extra care and attention. 

  • If the baggage carries equipment for medical assistance, children’s items, musical instruments, and sports gear. 

All the detailed pieces of information that are mentioned above will be beneficial for you and assist you in fixing all the problems that appear. If you need any more details related to Alaska Airlines, then directly get connect with customer services, and also you can visit our other articles and follow all the steps.

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