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American Airlines Online Flight Reservations:

American Airlines is one of the most prestigious airlines that offers flight services to large domestic and international destinations worldwide. The airline is famously known for offering discounts and offers to passengers. People can make early  American Airlines Reservations and grab the best deals. There are numerous ways to make the flight bookings, such as through the website, mobile app, phone call, and airport. If the traveller faces any queries, they can immediately contact the customer support team and get solutions. Read the full blog and get to learn about the necessary details. 

American Airlines Online Booking:

Nowadays, whenever people think of travelling, they usually make flight reservations by online mode. People can make online bookings in two ways, i.e., website or mobile app. The major benefit of online flight booking is that it saves the time and money of the customer. If you wish to make the flight reservation through the website, then you can follow the steps mentioned here below:

  • The first step is to move to the official portal of American Airlines. 
  • Click on the "Book" option.
  • After that, mention the flight departure city and the arrival destination. 
  • Now choose the departure date, return date, trip, ticket type, and number of passengers. 
  • Apply the promo code (if any). 
  • Click on the Search option. 
  • You will be able to see the flight options for a certain date with different airfares. 
  • Choose the flight option that is suitable for you. 
  • Make the payment to confirm the booking. 
  • Once the proceedings are completed, the confirmation message will be sent to your email. 

Facilities Offered by American Airlines:

The airline offers multiple premium quality flight services to the passengers. The facilities of the airline include clean washrooms, online services, VIP lounge access, a prayer room, a separate kids' zone, availability of meals and beverages, unlimited fun and entertainment, and many more. 

American Airlines Destination and Hubs: 

The airline operates out of 10 hubs and flies to 350 countries and continents in the world. The significant destinations are mentioned here below:

  1. Los Angeles International Airport (California, United States)
  2. Denver International Airport (Colorado, United States)
  3. Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-EI Prat Airport (Barcelona, Spain)
  4. Zurich Airport (Switzerland)
  5. Kansai International Airport (Osaka, Japan) 

The airline's major hubs are Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York-JFK, Dallas/Fort Worth, and many others. 

American Airlines Contacts, Emails, and Social Media:

If the customer faces any of the grievances, they can easily connect with the customer support department of the airline. There are numerous methods available through which you can easily get in contact, such as phone calls, live chat, email, and more. To know about the explanation of it, read here below:

Contact through phone number: The most straightforward way to contact is by using the phone call option. When you reach out through a call, the agent will provide an immediate response, and you can communicate verbally. Make a call at 800-433-7300 and then listen to the IVR Commands. Then you can choose the language and select the query as per the requirement. 

Contact through Email: The other option available to the customer for contact is direct email. Sending an email is available for free to the customers, and also the response will be provided within an estimated time. You will be required to drop the queries to After that, you can attach the documents, files, and pdf (if required). The agent will provide the response to you within 24 hours. 

Contact through Social media platform: Using the social media option for getting in contact with the customer support agent is another advanced way. The apps through which you can get in contact are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. One can post the queries on the official wall page of the airline or else send the queries from the "Message us" option by visiting the official page of the airline through any of the apps.

American Airlines Fares and Discount Policy:

The fare charged by the airlines to the passenger will not remain constant for the whole year; it will keep fluctuating. Airlines offer various discounts and offers during the festive and off-season. One can grab the offer by booking the tickets in the non-peak period. 

American Airlines Baggage Policy:

The major points related to the American Airlines baggage policy of the airlines are mentioned here below:

  • For Checked baggage: The maximum number of checked bags allowed is up to 10 and up to 5 for a few destinations. The dimension allowed is 62 inches or 157 cm (length + width + height). 
  • For Carry-on bags: The airline's limit for carry-on bags must not exceed 45 linear inches (22 * 14 * 9 in) or 115 cm (56 * 36 * 23 cm). 
  • In case of any excess, the passenger will be required to pay the extra fees. 

American Airlines Cancellation Policy:

If the passenger faces any issues, such as a medical emergency, bad weather conditions, air traffic restrictions, or any other issues, they may cancel their ticket. The major points related to the cancellation policy of the airlines are mentioned here below:

  • If the traveller cancels the flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, then the airline will not charge any cancellation fee to the passenger. But for that, the flight departure must be after at least seven days or more. 
  • If the cancellation of the ticket is made after 24 hours of reservation, then the passenger will be required to pay the cancellation fee to the airline. The fee charged by the airlines will be as per the ticket type. 
  • When the ticket cancellation is due to the passenger's medical emergency or the death of a family member, then airlines will charge no cancellation fee from the passenger. But supportive medical documents are required to be submitted. 
  • If the airline cancels a flight due to technical or mechanical reasons, then the airline will not charge any extra charges from the passenger. 

American Airlines Refund Policy:

The flight cancellation and refund policies of the airlines are interlinked with each other. Before making the flight change or cancellation, the customer must know the airline's refund policy. The major points related to it are mentioned below:

  • The passenger will get a full refund from the airline if the cancellation of the flight ticket is within 24 hours of reservation. But for it, the flight departure must be after at least seven days or more. 
  • If the cancellation of the flight ticket is made after 24 hours of booking, the the customer will be provided a refund as per the ticket type. 
  • In the case of a refundable ticket, you will get the refund amount after deducting the cancellation fee. And, in case of a non-refundable ticket, the travel credit will be provided to the passenger, which can be used for future travel purposes. 
  • The refund amount will be credited to your account within 7 to 10 business days. In case of any delay, airlines will take 20 days to provide the refund. 

American Airlines Flight Change Policy:

To know about the flight change policy of American Airlines, you can read the points mentioned below:

  • If the change in flight is made within a 24-hour risk-free period, then the airlines will charge no change fee. And if the change or rescheduling is after 24 hours of booking, then a change fee will be required to be paid. 
  • When the flight gets delayed by 3 hours or more, the passenger can change the flight, and the airline will charge no extra fees from you. 
  • If there are a large number of passengers on the flight and the airline offers an alternative flight to the customers. Then there will be no change fee charged. 


American Airlines Reservations: FAQs

Ques: Can I call American Airlines to book a flight?  

Ans: If it seems difficult for the customer to make the bookings by online mode, they can use the simple way, i.e., the phone call option. Through a phone call, you will instantly get connected with the agent. You will get a real-time response from the airline's agent team. To book the flight ticket over a call, follow the steps mentioned here below:

  • Give a ring at 800-433-7300
  • Then, listen to the Auto-Generated call menu and pick out the number per the issue. 
  • Firstly select the language. 
  • Then choose the option of new flight booking.
  • The call will remain on hold for a while. 
  • The agent will get connected to you soon. 
  • Give him all the necessary flight booking details. 
  • The payment link will be sent to your email. 
  • Proceed with the transaction to confirm the booking.

Ques: Does American Airlines fly internationally?  

Ans: The airlines offer flight services to many international and domestic networks in the world. The airfare for the international destination will be different from the domestic airfare. 

Ques: What is the cheapest day to book tickets on American Airlines?  

Ans: Everyone seeks to make their flight bookings on the cheapest day so that they will be able to get discounts and grab the offers of the airlines. The cheapest day to book a flight is on Tuesday and Wednesday. One must refrain from making flight bookings on weekends so that they can avoid the excess rush on the websites and high airfare. 

Ques: Are American Airlines planes comfortable?  

Ans: The facilities offered by the airlines to their customers are extremely comfortable and relaxing. One must experience the luxurious and elite-class facilities of the airlines. 

Ques: Are carry-on bags free on American Airlines?  

Ans: The passenger will be allowed to take one carry-on bag for free. The dimensions and size limits for carry-on bags are 45 linear inches (22 * 14 * 9 in) or 115 cm, including wheels and chairs; if the size exceeds that, then you will be required to pay extra charges. 

Ques: What is American Airlines 24*7 customer service number?

Ans: The numbers that are available 24/7 to provide help and support to the customers are 800-433-7300 / 800-633-3711 / 800-543-1586. The numbers are provided Toll-Free for the customers. If you make calls to international destinations, then airlines might charge some of the specific charges from you, and for domestic destinations, there are no extra charges. 

Ques: How do I get a full refund from American Airlines?  

Ans: The customer will be able to get a full refund from the airline if the cancellation of the flight ticket is any of the following requirements mentioned here below:

  • Cancellation of flight tickets is made within 24 hours of booking, and the flight departure is after at least seven days or more. 
  • The passenger's medical emergency or the family member's death certificate. 
  • Flight cancelled by the airlines. 

Ques: How do I talk to a live person at American Airlines?  

Ans: The alternative option the airline's agent provides for getting in contact is through the Live Chat feature. Using the live chat option is one of the most prevalent ways because the quick response is offered to the customer by the agent. The procedure for getting connected with the agent by using the online chat feature is mentioned here below:

  • Move to the official homepage of American Airlines. 
  • Then open the Customer's Help and Support page. 
  • Click on the "Live Chat" option. 
  • Send "Hello" in the Chatbox. 
  • You will get an automated response. 
  • Then, explain the issue in the Chatbox. 
  • The agent will provide the reply to you in a few easy seconds. 

Ques: How many bags does American Airlines allow for free?  

Ans: The airlines will allow passengers to take one personal bag and one carry-on bag for free. Personal items include a laptop bag, purse, and briefcase). It will be allowed for free per passenger. The carry-on baggage limits prescribed by the airlines are 45 linear inches (22 * 14 * 9 in) or 115 centimetres (56 * 36 * 23 cm); it includes wheels and handles. 

Ques: What size luggage is allowed on American Airlines?   

Ans: The size of the bag allowed by the airlines will be different as per the destination. The maximum dimension of the bag must be 62 in / 158 cm. The maximum weight allowed for economy class is 50 lbs / 23 kgs; for the first class and business class, the weight allowed is 70 lbs / 32 kgs. In the case of the complimentary bags, the weight allowed by the airlines is 50 lbs / 23 kgs. If there is any excess than the prescribed limits, you will be required to pay the extra baggage fees. 

Ques: Is it free to cancel American Airlines flight?   

Ans: If the passenger cancels the flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, then airlines will not charge any cancellation fee, but for that, the departure must be after at least seven days or more. If the cancellation is made after 24 hours of booking, you will be required to pay the airline $200 as the cancellation fee. The fee will vary as per the route and destination. 

Ques: Can I chat with an American Airlines agent?

Ans: Yes, you can easily proceed with the chat with the airline either with the live chat option or by using the Social media platform. For the social media platform, you will have to use the "send message" option to chat with the agent.

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