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Its main hub is Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines is the Republic of Singapore carrier airline. Famous for the luxury and five-star rated service the airline provides to its customers, the airline also offers some exclusive facilities to the flyers. There can be various issues related to the multiple facilities that the airline provides to its customer. For help with the same, review the information in the content below for the help you might seek. Read through the provided details and gain knowledge of multiple issues related to the booking you possess. 

How Do I Check My Flight Booking Confirmation? 

If you are looking for their confirmation with Singapore Airlines, you can go through different ways to do the same. These are explained below in the given modes, which are briefly explained as follows: 

Through Online: You can surf through the airline's official website and then check the confirmation from the manage booking option. Use the 6-digit confirmation number and the passenger's last name so you can check for the booking confirmation. 

Via Email: Once the booking process is completed, at times, the ticket gets confirmed hand to hand. But sometimes, the airline takes time to confirm the booking. Once it is done, you shall receive the confirmation email to the registered email address. 

Through Call: You can also check the confirmation through the call process with the airline. Dial Singapore Airlines customer service number, +1 (866) 767-2247 ext 2, and then contact an executive from the airline. Enquire about the confirmation from the airlines’ team of the booking you possess. Provide the executive with the name, date of reservation, and booking number. The same shall help you further.  

How To Book a Flight on Singapore Airlines? 

For Singapore Airlines booking, the easiest method is the online process. The procedure which shall guide you to make the booking is as follows: 

  • Navigate and reach the homepage of Singapore Airlines. 
  • Tap on the plan travel option and click on the book tab. 
  • Then, enter the detail of the information required, such as the destination, origin, date of travel, class, etc, and tap on the search option. 
  • You will get multiple flights. Choose one from them and proceed to the next step. 
  • Enter the passenger details and proceed with the booking by making the payment with the help of the onscreen instructions. 
  • Once done, you shall receive a confirmation mail to your registered email address and the attached ticket.

How To Book Singapore Airlines Flights With Velocity Points? 

If you hold the membership of  KrisFlyer member on Singapore Airlines, you can get to avail of Singapore Airlines booking online using the velocity points. You will have to go through the airline for the booking through the normal online process and then, while making the payment make use of the velocity points on this page. Additionally, with velocity points, you can get golf of other benefits. 

How To Confirm Reserved Flights on Singapore Airlines? 

To check the confirmation of a flight reserved on Singapore Airlines, you will require the booking number and last name of the passenger. You can reach out to the manage booking option and enter the required details to check if the booking is confirmed. 

How Do I Contact Singapore Airlines For Reservations? 

To communicate with Singapore Airlines for reservation, you can choose to dial the hotline number of Singapore Airlines, +65 6407 5332. You can get to dial the number and connect with the airline for the help you are looking for.

Singapore Airlines Destination and Hubs:

Singapore Airlines flies to several destinations in 32 countries on domestic and international routes. You can book flights to the destination you wish to and enjoy the luxurious experience on the airline. The list of a few major destinations that Singapore Airlines flies to are: 

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Vienna
  • Brussels
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Shanghai
  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Delhi 
  • Tokyo
  • Moscow
  • Los Angeles
  • New York

Singapore Airlines has its main hub at Changi Airport, Singapore. It is the major airport that serves the city and is also known as one of the best airports around various airports as rated and certified by Skytrax. 

Ways to contact Customer Service Singapore Airlines:

There are multiple ways through which you can contact Singapore Airlines in order to avail the help that you are looking for. The given ways are as follows: 

Via Phone Call: 

You can very easily contact the airline through the call process. For this method of contact, you will have to dial +1 (866) 767-2247 ext 2 and then go through the given IVR instructions, after which you can connect with the airline’s executive team for help: 

  • Press 1 for help with a fresh Singapore Airlines reservation. 
  • For managing an existing booking, press 3. 
  • Press 4 for additional services from the airline. 
  • Press 6 for other issues. 
  • To talk with a Singapore Airlines executive, press 8. 

Via Live Chat: 

Issues that you have can also be solved through the chat process. Using the live chat mode of contact, you can easily get through the airline for help and avail yourself of a solution. To connect with the airline through chat, you can follow the given below steps: 

  • Surf through Singapore Airlines official website. 
  • From the help option, reach out to their contact page. 
  • Then, at the bottom right corner, a chat icon will display. Tap on it, and then a dialogue box shall appear. 
  • Get on it and contact a representative for help. 

Via Email: 

For the help required, you can also go through the airline by getting them to raise the issue using the email method of contact. In order to send an email, you will have to draft the issue and then send the same to the email address available for the place you are looking to contact from the airline's official website. Soon you shall get a revert from them, which is within 24 to 30 hours of dropping the email with an effective and accurate solution for the issues you have. 

Via Social Media:

Contacting through social media can also help you easily avail of a solution from Singapore Airlines. You can raise the issue by dropping your message on their platforms or tagging the particular handle with the posts. The available platforms on which you can reach them are as follows: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Via Contact Forms: You can go through the airline for the help that you might need using the contact forms available on the contact page of the airline. Fill out the form and then raise the issue you have with the same attaching the required document along with the query. Soon you shall get a revert from the airline for your issues. 

Via Mailing Address: Through mailing address, also you can raise the issues you face. Daft down the issue and then send the same to the office address of Singapore Airlines. Soon within 3 to 5 business days, the airline shall contact you for the solution of the issue. You can send the query to 25 Airline Road, 08d Airline House, Singapore, 819829. 

Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy:

To travel with a Singapore Airlines booking, one basic need is to check for the baggage allowance of your reservation. You can go through the baggage allowance policy from the given guidelines as follows: 

  • One carry-on is allowed for an economy passenger and two for a business class or first class passenger. The maximum weight allowed in the given class is 7kg. 
  • Each passenger can carry one personal item into the aircraft. 
  • The checked baggage allowed to carry along with the trip is two bags per person, and the weight allowed per passenger to carry is 23 kg for an economy booking. The weight allowed for a business class is 32 kg, and for a passenger with membership can travel with the booking with one extra bag as a checked bag. 

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy:

For an uncertain journey with the booking you hold, you can choose to go through the airline for help with the cancellation of the same. You can cancel the booking through the online process or choose to seek help from the customer service team for the required process. For the ticket you possess to be cancelled, before the cancellation, you must go through the given policies to make ticket cancellation with Singapore Airlines easier and smoother. The guidelines are listed in detail below: 

  • If booked before seven days of the departure date, a ticket can be easily cancelled within 24 hours of its purchase. This 24-hour risk-free umbrella is available for all tickets, irrespective of their fare rules. 
  • After the risk-free policy on cancelling a booking, cancellation charges are applicable for the process. However, if the booking is an elite class reservation, then you can cancel the same at any time at least 4 hours before the flight. 
  • The booking process can be completed through the mode in which you have made the booking of the same ticket. 
  • If the reservation faces any adverse condition, such as bad weather, delay, or a technical glitch, the reservation can be cancelled without any applicable cancellation charges. 
  • Medical emergencies, the death of a relative, or the passenger's illness can lead to a free cancellation. This shall only require relevant documents so that the request can be processed. 

Singapore Airlines Refund Policy:

Upon ticket cancellation, the airline shall pay back a refund that has been paid for the ticket, and you can get the same with assistance from the refund policy. The guidelines of the same are as follows: 

  • Any cancellation, whether a refundable or a non-refundable booking, if done within 24 hours, you can get a complete refund for the booking. 
  • If a refundable booking is cancelled after 24 hours of booking, you can get a refund. 
  • The refund for a ticket booked through online/ card payment can be availed within seven to ten business days, and the airline booking is made through cash or cheque; it can take up to twenty business days to get credited into your bank account. 
  • When the airline has a chance to cancel the booking, they also pay you a complete refund of the amount which you used to make the booking. 
  • You shall receive the refund to the main source of payment through which the booking has been made. 

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy:

Any emergency that comes across before travelling requires you to make changes to the reservation you have. To go through them for the changes, you must understand the policies related to them. The guidelines of the change process are as follows: 

  • Within the 24-hour umbrella, you can choose to make the changes; this shall be devoid of any charges. Out of the stipulated time shall charge you a penalty. 
  • Changes due to flight delays or any other unforeseen cirscustam]nce from the airline’s end shall cost you no penalty. Moreover, you can also cancel the booking ad rebook a new ticket. 
  • Booking changes due to the sudden death of a close relative or emergency due to health issues can be done without an extra cost by providing relevant documents to the airline. 


Singapore Airlines Reservations FAQs: 

Ques: How to book a one-way flight on Singapore Airlines?

Ans: On singapore Airlines, you can choose to book one-way and round trips. You can go through the online, call, and email methods to book the ticket. You can contact the airline and request the same to book a flight. And through the online process, you can reach out to the official website for the same. 

Ques: How far in advance can you book flights with Singapore Airlines?

Ans: Before 355 days of the flight's scheduled departure, you can choose to book a flight. You can visit the airline’s website and then make your booking. The cost of the tickets drops, and you can avail of comparatively cheaper tickets. 

Ques: Do Singapore Airlines charge to pre-book seats?

Ans: To choose a seat in advance, there are charges associated with it in some cases. These are decided on the fare class of the booking, which can be defined as follows: 

  • If the booking is a premium economy or an elite class booking, you will not have to pay extra charges when choosing a seat in advance. 
  • Seats on the economy class charge to pre-book a seat. The fare mostly depends on when you are booking the seat and the fare type of the booking.
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