Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Online Flight Reservations:

Southwest Airlines is the world's largest low-cost carrier that offers flight services to many countries and continents. The airline is the most popular in Dallas, Texas, and focuses on serving the best services to the passengers. People looking to make a flight reservation with discounted airfare must book tickets with Southwest Airlines. Various methods are available for flight bookings, including booking via online mode, over phone calls, booking from the airport, etc. If the customer faces any issues related to Southwest Airlines Reservations, they can discuss them with the customer support team. 

Southwest Airlines Online Booking:

If you need clarification about the booking process and looking for the most modest mode. Then without even thinking twice, you must choose to make the Southwest Airlines Online Booking. The online mode includes mobile apps and the web. To make the bookings by web, follow the steps mentioned here below:

  • As the initial step, you must move to the official homepage of Southwest Airlines. 
  • Now enter the flight departure origin and flight arrival destination. 
  • Choose the flight departure and return date, number of passengers, and ticket type. 
  • Make use of the Promo Code (if any). 
  • Then, click on the Search option. 
  • Numerous flight options will appear on-screen, showing different airfares. 
  • Choose the flight.
  • Recheck the details and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • Make the payment to proceed with the booking process. 
  • SouthWest Airlines will send the booking confirmation message to your email and phone number

Facilities Offered by Southwest Airlines

The facilities offered by the airline to their passengers are of the best and premium quality. The services provided by the airline include VIP lounges, availability of meals, parking facilities, free wifi connectivity, a separate prayer room, a specific kid's zone, and many others. People having low budgets must make bookings with these airlines. 

Southwest Airlines Destination and Hubs:

The airline offers flight services to 121 destinations. A list of a few major destinations is mentioned here below:

  1. Queen Beatrix International Airport (Aruba)
  2. Cancun International Airport (Mexico)
  3. Ontario International Airport (California, US)
  4. San Fransico International Airport (US)
  5. Punta Cana International Airport (Dominican Republic)

The flight services are not operated at the terminated destinations. Major airline hubs include San Diego, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Austin, Baltimore, Los Angeles international airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and many more. 

Southwest Airlines Contacts, Emails and Social Media:

There are various methods for customers to contact the airline directly. You can connect with the airline's live agent by choosing any method for any queries. The details related to various methods are mentioned here below:

Connect through Phone Calls: Customers who face any queries related to the airline services can directly connect by using the official phone number of the airline. Reaching out through a phone call is the best and easiest way. Give a ring at +1-800-435-9792 (available Toll-Free). After that, listen to the Auto-Generated call menu and choose the number per the query. The agent will be available soon to respond to your queries. 

Connect through Email: The other way to contact is by using the Email option. It is available free of cost to the customers. And, also one can send their queries by being anywhere in the world. Drop your queries to the While sending the email, you must remember to use the proper format; otherwise, the agent will not get a response for it. The airline's agent will provide the response within 24 hours. 

Connect through Social Media Platforms: The social media platforms through which you can get in touch with the real agent of the airline include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It is another best option available for travellers to get in contact. You will be required to send the queries using the "Direct Message" option. The agent will respond to it soon. 

Southwest Airlines Fares and Discount Policy:

The passengers can also make the booking with different fares and will be able to get multiple discounts. The fare charged by the airline for a refundable and non-refundable ticket is varied. The details related to the different fare types of the airline are mentioned here below:

  • Two Bags Fly free fare (Refundable Ticket)
  • No change fee fare (Refundable Ticket)
  • No cancellation fees fare (Non-Refundable but a transferable Ticket)
  • Flight credits don't expire fare (non-refundable ticket)

If the bookings are made in the off-season or festive season, then you can grab the major offers and discounts of the airlines. 

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy:

If you have booked the flight with the airline before boarding the flight and knowing about the Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy. Read the points mentioned below and get to know about the baggage policy of the airline:

  1. For Checked baggage: The airlines will allow passengers to carry two checked bags for free. The size of the bag limit allowed is 62 inches (length + width + height). If you carry three bags or more than it, you will be required to pay $75 for each bag. The maximum overweight and oversized weight limit is 80 inches (100 lbs.). The passenger will be required to pay $75 to the airline. 
  2. For Carry-on bags: The passenger can carry one personal item and one carry-on bag for free. The limits and dimensions for the carry-on bag prescribed by the airlines are 24" (L) + 16" (W) + 10" (H). One carry-on bag must get fit into the overhead bin. 
  3. For personal items: The size limits prescribed by the airlines for personal items are 16.25" (L) * 13.5" (W) * 8" (H). Examples of personal items are laptop bags, backpacks, purses, etc.
  4. For any excess limit, you must pay extra fees to the airlines. 

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy:

There are multiple reasons why the passenger or airline chooses to proceed with the airline's cancellation. A few flight cancellation reasons are bad weather conditions, security issues, tight flight schedules, technical or mechanical reasons, and many other reasons. Before proceeding with the flight cancellation process, you must be known its Southwest cancellation policy rules and regulations. 

  • If the passenger cancels the flight within 24 hours of booking, they will not be required to pay any cancellation fee. But for that, the flight departure must be after at least seven days or more.   
  • Suppose the passenger cancels the flight after 24 hours of making the reservation; then they must pay the cancellation fee to the airline. The airline's cancellation fee will be as per the ticket type, i.e., refundable or non-refundable ticket. 
  • If the flight cancellation is due to a medical emergency or the death of a family member, then airlines will not charge any cancellation fee. But for that, it will be required to submit supporting medical documents or a death certificate at the airport. 

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy:

People can claim refunds for two reasons, i.e., flight cancellation or change. Before rescheduling or cancelling the flight, you must know the Southwest Airlines refund policy. The significant points related to the refund policy of the airlines are mentioned here below:

  • The airline will provide a full refund to the passenger if the passenger cancels the flight within 24 hours of booking. You will not be required to pay any cancellation fee to the airlines, but the requirement for it is that the flight departure must be after at least seven days or more. 
  • If the flight is cancelled after 24 hours of reservation, you will be required to pay the cancellation fee, and a refund will be provided as the ticket type. 
  • For a refundable ticket, the refund will be provided after deduction of the cancellation fee from the total fare amount. And in the case of a non-refundable ticket, the customer will only get the travel credit from the airlines, which can be utilised for future travel purposes. 
  • Airlines will credit the refund within 7 to 10 business days in the mentioned account or the original form of payment. 

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy:

There are various reasons for a flight change, such as technical issues, urgency, medical emergencies, the death of a family member, and many more. The major points related to the changed policy are mentioned below:

  • If there is a delay of 3 hours or more in the flight, you can change or reschedule the flight. Airlines will charge no charges from you for it. 
  • If the passenger's scheduled flight is overcrowded with passengers, ten airlines will offer you an alternative flight, and no extra change fee will be charged for it by the airlines. 
  • In case there are any technical or mechanical reasons for the flight and the airline has changed the flight. Then, the customer will not be required to pay any change fee to the airlines. 

United Airlines Reservations: FAQs

Ques: Can I call Southwest Airlines to book a flight?  

Suppose the passenger needs clarification about the online flight reservation process and wants to avoid going to the airport to book a flight. Then, they can easily call the airline for the flight booking. To make a call for the flight booking, follow the steps mentioned here below:

  • Give a ring at +1 (800) 435-9792. The number is available free of cost to the customers. 
  • Then, carefully listen to the Auto-Generated call commands and select the number. 
  • Firstly choose the number for picking out the preferred language. 
  • After that, select the flight booking option. 
  • The call will be on hold for a while, and the agent will get connected soon. 
  • Provide all the flight booking details.
  • The link for the payment will be sent to your email address. 
  • Proceed with it, and the confirmation message will be sent to you. 

Note: Try to make calls during the non-peak hours

Ques: Does Southwest fly internationally?   

Ans: The airlines also operate flights to international destinations, such as Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. The airfare for international ad domestic routes will vary depending on the route and kilometres. While travelling to international networks, remember to keep your Visa and Passport. 

Ques: What is the cheapest day to book tickets on Southwest Airlines?

The cheapest day to make the flight bookings is Tuesday and Wednesday. Customers must avoid making flight reservations on the weekends; flight prices are higher during that period. If you book in the non-peak season of the year, you easily grab the best flight offers. While choosing the cheapest day of the week, you must make it on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Ques: Are Southwest planes comfortable?

Ans: Southwest Airlines is among the top airlines in the world for providing the safest and most comfortable flight services. The airfare charged by the airline is the lowest budget compared to the other airlines. The comfort and security provided by the airlines are the best and have also performed best in previous years. The luxurious and elite-class facilities of the airlines are available to the passengers on the flights. 

Ques: Are carry-on bags free on Southwest Airlines?  

Ans: The free carry-on bag allowed by the airlines to passengers is up to two. If the number of bags exceeds that, the customer must pay extra airline baggage fees. 

Ques: What is Southwest Airlines 24*7 customer service number?

Ans: The customer will be required to make a call at 1-800-435-9792. The number is available Toll-Free for the customers. The number is available free of cost for customers worldwide. 

Ques: How do I get a full refund from Southwest?  

Ans: A few important conditions are required to get a full refund from the airline. To know about the refund policy of the airlines, you can read the details provided above related to the refund. 

Ques: How do I talk to a live person at Southwest Airlines?  

Ans: The live chat option lets the clients connect with the live person of the airlines. To get in contact with the live chat feature, you can follow the steps mentioned here below:

  • Jump on to the official portal of Southwest Airlines. 

  • Now, go to the Customers Help and Support page. 

  • Click on the "Live Chat" tab. 

  • Send "Hey" in the Chatbox.

  • An automated response will be provided to you. 

  • Mention the queries in the chatbox. 

  • The agent will give the response to you in a short while. 

Ques: How many bags does Southwest Airlines allow for free?

Ans: Two checked bags are allowed for free on the airlines. The passenger will be required to pay extra charges for any excess bag. 

Ques: What size luggage is allowed on Southwest Airlines?    

Ans: The maximum luggage size allowed by the airlines is 62 inches (length + height + weight) or 50 pounds. If there is any excess than the limits, you will be required to pay $75 to the airlines. 

Ques: Is it free to cancel a Southwest flight? 

Ans: If the flight cancellation is made within 24 hours of booking, the customer will not be required to pay any cancellation charges. And, if cancellation is made after 24 hours of reservation, you will have to pay the cancellation fee mandatorily. 

Ques: Can I upgrade to first class on Southwest?

Yes, the passengers can easily proceed for upgradation to the first class ticket from Economy class or business class. For upgrading the flight class, your reservation must be confirmed, and if made changes within 24 hours of booking, then airlines will not charge any extra fees.

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