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Spirit Airlines Online Flight Reservations:

Spirit Airlines Online Booking: If you are looking for a flight with a low price and comfortable seats, you should make a reservation with Spirit Airlines. It is considered one of the cheapest US airlines and provides multiple facilities. To quickly book a flight ticket with the airline, you should make the reservation online. The process for Spirit Airlines Online Booking is not that hard, and you have to head to their official web page or open the mobile app. Then you must fill in the details on your screen and follow the instructions. After you pay the amount for your flight, download your ticket information, and if you have issued it, then speak to customer service, and they will provide the assistance.

Spirit Airlines Online Booking:

Online booking is the quickest way to make a flight reservation with Spirit Airlines. To use this method, you have to get to the official airline website or the mobile application and book the flight to your desired destination. You can follow up through the given steps to learn about the process for online booking:

  • Head to the Official Spirit Airlines mobile application or the website.
  • Enter the departure and arrival location.
  • Select the flight type, date of departure, number of passengers, and other necessary details.
  • Tap on the flight as per your preferred timing, and you will head to the payment tab.
  • Pay the amount of your fight online or through miles.
  • After that, you have to download the ticket details, and Spirit Airlines will also send it to your registered email address.

Spirit Airlines Online Booking: Facilities Offered

Spirit Airlines offers multiple facilities, and if you make a flight reservation with them, you can take advantage of any of them. Read the below points to get information about the different facilities offered by the airline:

  • Flight booking/Managing - Make a flight reservation to your desired destination and change your already booked ticket. You can cancel your booking, reschedule the flight, edit personal information, add any services, etc.
  • Special Assistance - If you need any special assistance like a personal executive or wheelchair assistance, then you should contact the airline at least 24 hours before the flight and explain the type of assistance you need to the executive. 
  • Lost & Found -  While travelling with the airline, if your items or baggage got lost, then no need to panic as you can visit or contact the lost & department, and they will assist you in finding the lost item.
  • Wifi services - Spirit Airlines offers passengers wifi services through which they can stream movies and shows, play games, and even use social media during their flight at an affordable price.

Spirit Airlines: Destination and Hubs

Spirit Airlines operates from 83 destinations, including the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. You can book a flight with the airline to any of these destinations. Below is mentioned a list of the common cities from where the airline usually operates:

  • Colombia - El Dorado International Airport (BOG).
  • California - Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
  • Florida - Miami International Airport (MIA).
  • LAS Vegas - Harry Reid International Airport (LAS).
  • Texas - Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).
  • New Jersey - Atlantic City International Airport (ACY).

Spirit Airlines Online Booking: Contact Methods

If you have any queries regarding Spirit Airlines Reservations, you can always contact the representative from customer service and get assistance regarding the issue. Read the given information to learn about the two quick methods to get information regarding the reservation:

By calling telephone number - The most convenient method to get help from Spirit Airlines is phone calls. You can dial the telephone number through the official website and speak to a representative about your problem. To know about the instructions to call the airline, use the mentioned steps:

  • Open the Official Spirit Airlines website and get to "Contact Us."
  • Tap on the option to call the airline and make a phone call to the airline. 
  • Pick your spoken language for assistance.
  • Click on the button to make a flight reservation.
  • After that, your call will be put on hold until a live Spirit representative contacts you.
  • Then you can discuss your trip details, and they will provide you with all the information and even help you with the reservation.

Through Chat support - Another mode to get the answer from Spirit representatives is chat support. You can write your query, and customer service will revert with the answer. The chat support option is available on the Mobile application and Spirit's official website. 

Spirit Airlines Reservations: Fares and Discount Policy

  • Spirit Airlines Miles members get an additional discount for flight reservations.
  • Reschedule or edit the information of your name for free one time through Spirit Miles.
  • The passenger can only apply one coupon at a time to get a discount on the flight ticket.
  • If the passenger makes the reservation via phone, they must pay extra charges.

Spirit Airlines Reservations: Baggage Policy

There are three types of baggage provided by Spirit Airlines, and each one has a different weight and dimensions. Free baggage provided by the airline depends upon your ticket class. Go through the given points to learn about the baggage policy of the airline:

Personal item - One personal item like a purse, backpack, laptop bag, etc., allowed to every passenger for free. The personal item has to be kept in front of you. The dimension of the personal item is (45 * 35 * 20cm).

Carry-on baggage - The carry-on baggage must be in the overhead bin. One baggage is allowed for every cabin passenger. To know about the dimension and other details, read the given information:

  • The dimension limit for carry-on baggage is (56cm * 46cm * 25cm).
  • If your carry-on baggage exceeds its limit, it will be counted as checked baggage, and you must pay extra charges.

Checked baggage - The checked baggage is kept in the aircraft compartment, and the passengers can carry two, depending on your cabin class. Go through the given details to know about the dimension and weight limit:

  • The checked baggage weight limit is 18kg.
  • After paying the charges, the maximum weight limit for checked baggage is 45 kg, and you cannot take baggage weighing more than that.
  • The passenger can carry checked baggage up to dimension 158 cm(length + width + height).

Spirit Airlines Online Booking: Cancellation Policy

  • Spirit Airlines allows free flight change and cancellation before 60 days of the scheduled departure.
  • If passengers want to cancel their Spirit flight within 31 to 59 days from departure, they must pay $69. The fine to cancel a flight 7 to 30 days before the departure is $99 will be applied, and $119 for passengers who cancel their flight one week before the departure.
  • Ticket cancellation is available up to 1 hour before the flight departure.
  • The passenger can head to the official website or contact customer support to cancel their flight ticket.

Spirit Airlines Online Booking: Refund Policy

  • To get a full refund from Spirit Airlines, the passenger has to cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.
  • A full refund will be given to the passengers who have to cancel their ticket due to a medical problem. However, they have to submit relevant proof.
  • Spirit Airlines will refund the amount within 7 to 10 business days through the same payment mode.
  • If the passenger cancels a non-refundable flight, they will be given a voucher worth the same amount as the ticket.

Spirit Airlines Online Booking: Flight Change Policy

  • The passenger can change their flight 60 days prior to the departure without paying any charges.
  • Flight change can only be approved if there is any vacant seat.
  • The fine to change the flight increases as there are fewer days left for the departure.
  • If Spirit Airlines cancel the flight, then they will reschedule your flight for free.
  • Passengers can change their flight up to 1 hour prior to departure.


Spirit Airlines Online Booking: FAQs

Ques: How do I check my reservation on Spirit Airlines?

Ans: After booking a flight with Spirit Airlines, if you still need to get the ticket details or want to look for any information, you can check the reservations using two methods. If you want to know about the process of both methods, then follow the mentioned information:

Through the Official Website - The first method to check your reservation on Spirit Airlines is the official website. Enter the trip details, and all the information about your booking will be shown on your screen. Following is the process for using the online method:

  • Get to Spirit Airlines' official web page or open the mobile app.
  • Tap on the "My Trips" tab at the top of the home page.
  • Write down the "Passenger surname" and "Booking code."
  • Then you will be able to see all the information about your booking on the screen.

Through Email - As soon as your booking is confirmed by the airline, they will send you the flight details at your registered email. You can go to the date of your reservation and open the email sent by the airline, and There you will find all the information about your booking and the customer service number for your assistance.

Ques: What day is the best for booking a Spirit flight?

Ans: Book the flight on a weekday to get a cheap flight ticket; Tuesday and Wednesday are considered the best days to book a Spirit flight. Only a few people travel on weekdays, and to fill a large number of vacant seats, the airline reduces ticket charges. Avoid making the reservation on weekdays as the prices are normally higher than usual.

Ques: How far in advance should I book a flight with Spirit?

Ans: If you are worried about the daily changing flight prices of Spirit Airline, remember that you can book a flight 330 days before the flight departure. If your plan changes or is cancelled during that period, you can cancel the flight at least 60 minutes before the flight departure for a full refund. You can call the airline customer service or go to the official web page to make the reservation.

Ques: How long before you can check in for a flight with Spirit?

Ans: The check-in for Spirit Airlines flights begins 24 hours before the departure through the web check-in and closes one hour before. You have to get to the official website and write your flight details; then, you can check in with the airline. You can get your preferred seat if you check in early with the airline. The airport check-in starts 2 to 3 hours prior to scheduled departure and closes 45 minutes before.

Ques: What is the best seat on Spirit Airlines?

Ans: If you are looking for a comfortable seat with extra legroom, you should book the big front seats as they are considered the best seats on Spirit Airlines. These seats are more expensive than the standard seats. You can reserve the front-row seat when booking or when you check in with the airline.

Ques: What is the weight limit for a carry-on bag?

Ans: Spirit Airlines allows carry-on bags up to 7 kg with a dimension limit of 56cm * 46cm * 25cm. A maximum of two carry-on bags is allowed depending on your ticket class. If the baggage weight or dimension limit exceeds, it will be added as a checked bag, and you will have to pay extra charges. The maximum weight for the carry-on baggage is 14 kg. 

Ques: How often do Spirit flights get Canceled?

Ans: In the past few months, the airline has cancelled a number of flights, and there are two main reasons for that. Read the below points to get further information:

  • Bad weather - One of the main reasons why Spirit flights are getting cancelled is the bad weather condition. There is no estimated time for a clean climate for the departure, so the only option left for the airline is to cancel the flight.
  • Fewer reservations - Another reason why Spirit Airlines is cancelling their flight is due to a lack of reservations. The passengers have found an alternative airline with a lower price to the same destination.
  • Shortage of staff - If there are not enough employees available at the airline or if they are on strike, then Spirit Airlines has another option: to cancel the flight.

Ques: Will Spirit refund my money if they cancel my flight?

Ans: No matter what cabin ticket you booked with Spirit Airlines, if they cancel your flight, you will be provided with a full refund, or you can reschedule the flight for free. The airline will refund the amount within seven days through the same mode of payment. It may take longer if you have made the transactions through cash.

Ques: Where is the best place to sit on Spirit Airlines?

Ans: The best place to sit on Spirit Airlines is front row seats in front of the aircraft. These seats are considered the most expensive on the aircraft as they have a large, comfortable seat with extra legroom.

Ques: Does Spirit have first class?

Ans: Being one of the cheapest airlines, Spirit does not offer First Class. The most expensive seats available on the airline are big front seats which have larger and more comfortable seats. You can contact the airline's representative to know about the charges or get information about these seats, who will answer our questions.

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